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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What do you say?

So as I am selfish with my life and time while at work, I forget that others exist in that same space and that it is a sad reminder that it is not all about least today was one of those sad days. A friend and co-worker came into the office and sat in an empty seat near me. I looked over and he stated he just needed to sit for a while. I said that was fine and went on with my "stuff", then had that really awful feeling something was terribly wrong. When I looked at him there were tears coming down his face and a look of shock. He mumbled....."....killed my sister". I stopped frozen and asked "what did you say?" and at first thought he said, "I killed my sister" but realized he was mumbling and he clarified that in his next sentence "No, Her boyfriend killed her.....". Silence filled our space. What do you say? one moment, the day is about getting tasks check marked off your list and then, someone shares this with you.....I told him sorry and gave him a big hug, held his hand for a moment, and asked what I could do for him. he didn't even know what to say back. He then began mumbling some words of anger and I told him we would work through this, everything would be okay. I went to get him water and asked my Area Director and General Manager to assist the situation as they were in a better position to do so.
Even they were at a loss. They gave him some comfort and let him know they would do whatever he needed to help. So I will name him friend, and here is what I will say....

Dear friend,
I am sorry for your loss. I know this time can feel like a big empty space filled with chaos, but you will work through this. You have to. You need to be strong for your children and show them that no matter what you are stronger now then ever. No one can ever say they know how you feel and I do not want to attempt to do so. I can only offer you my friendship and my sorrow. I have a shoulder when you need it and can give you distance as well. I hope that your family and you can find a place that you can mourn together and find a peace with your emotions. Find solace in your own loved ones that are still here to share your life with you, and show them your appreciation, love, and they and you are still here.

What would you say?

here is the link to the most recent happenings on this situation


The Rambler said...

oooo, sis! So sorry!!!! I teared up. I don't know what I would do...first go apeshit on the asshole and cry for a reallllyyy looong time...but it's not gonna happen so...I LOVE YOU!

And the best way to get others to look at your blog is to visit others and leave comments. They sometimes return the favor and comment back. How I've made some "blogger" friends.

Kalei said...

thanks sis. He is a real sweetheart to me, but has a hard life and sometimes can't get a break, this included. I hope they get that guy in jail before he gets a hold of him.....

Mike Fan said...

Thank you sooo much for the lovely comment and encouragement, Kalei! Your blog is wonderful!