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Saturday, November 29, 2008

777...FLS at her place

Welcome everyone....glad you made it!

My name is Rambler (you know anonymity is so the thing these days) and I live on the second floor...joke. Anywho, FLS is my kid sis and new to the blog thing and we decided it would be fun to have people who are reading ME (the Rambler) to read me in a different place.

I'd like to intro you to my first little sis (FLS *wink*). She is an amazing person who I've just recently realized is not 8 anymore, but 30 (oops, sorry), a mother, and a smart intelligent human being (of course NOT as smart and intelligent as myself, it's so true). The good genes run in the family I guess. :)

So of course, she's doing one of my interviews.....

Thank you Antibloggedy sis.

My FLS...

1. Would you say I'm the best big sister EVER?

I would not. She's not big by any means. She's pretty remarkable though. :)

**Aww, thanks sis! Even if I feel like Fat Bastard you make me still feel pretty.

2. What's your favorite memory of me?

I think that in general Rambler and I have shared a whole childhood of memories that are all pretty "fave". We shared a lot of experiences. When She and I lived in Rarotonga we were playing on the beach and the rock pier leading away from the hotel our father managed. I remember (a little bit distorted, due to my young age) when I hurt my heel of my foot. It was bleeding and I was in a lot of pain. So my sis carried me to the shore and to get me help. This is the same motherly assistance she gives to me and our second lil sis to this day.

**You know. I totally forgot about that until now. That was the story of our relationship. Pick on each other til the bell rang, but when the black clouds came around I always wanted to make sure you were covered. Heart YOU!

3. If you learned ANYTHING from her, what would that be?

The art of competition. Well I don't know if that was her doing, but I definitely compete with her, even if she is not competing back. =) I am still the champ in "connect four"

**Come on! Seriously. You wanna go again? I'll prove that you suck and I don't! :)

4.Would you say you have a competitive relationship?

Read the above note. Yes. I always win and am always right and all good things that happen to us are my fault. I will also take credit for Little Rambler being so great.

**You can't help but laugh at your lunaticness...(wink)

5. Describe your sister in ONE word?


**I don't know what you are talking.....HEY, there's only ONE ice cube in my triple soy vanilla latte no foam. I wanted TWO...about. I mean I'm soooo not a diva!

6. If you were cars, what would you both be?

She would be a slow moving, air bag holding, gramma car. I would be a race car. =)

***Oh yah, I bet my slow moving, air bag holding gramma car can beat yours ANYDAY! I'm the turtle baby and your the hare. You know how that story ended?!

7. A way to prevent snoring? Created by you and sis? What would it be and what would you both name it? And would it be dedicated to anyone in particular (wink)?

it is called The Suffocate, Resuscitate, and Bolt Method. You hold all air passage till the snoring person gags, then remove and bolt out of view. This method has been used in many a noisy nights and has been adopted recently by the Survivors of Snoring Group in North America (SSGNA) dedicated to Mom's everywhere. They are hoping to open 1 new chapter in every state before the end of 2009. This is also part of the Pres-Elect Obama economic stimulus package that will allow people to get better sleep so they can make it to work on time, there-fore allowing them to keep their jobs.

**LOL. You think Mom will kill us? Well, she's stepdad's problem now :) hehe, we love you Mom.

Well, one more day and my 777 series is over. I hope you enjoyed my sisters home for a bit. If you like she loves loves meeting new (bloggy) friends. :) Stay a while, make friends...but don't forget about me?!! (just a smite insecure)

FLS...thank you for hosting today's post. I love you more ways than you can count.

YOU were my first best friend!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday. Wow, so many things to say about my first experience. I did not attend the frenzied Best Buy line that started as early as 6am thanksgiving day in some locations. I decided instead to purchase the TV later. We did end up getting the one we wanted this evening without any stress or lines....good thing I didn't waste my time in the cold outdoors. Instead I decided to go to the 666Mart (yes they are partnered with the Devil, how else can they give us such deals?!) I went to get one of the Digital "things" and they had all the deals wrapped in plastic, with associate assigned to man the product until 5am then they cut the plastic and duck out of sight. This sort of system is not suggested for those with Claustrophobia, or serious social issues. I am extremely satisfied with the deals I received.
Serious notation: I would like to acknowledge the people who lost their lives today, due to frenzied mentality and poor orchestration of the events hosted. There are mentions of several shootings, a stabbing (by a women with her kids!), and Trampling injuries and death. No amount of discount is worth all of this.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Thanksgiving....

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good thanks giving, Thank you very much! Here is my Thank you's for this year:

1. January-Thankyou for my birthday celebration with was a nice dinner, and I am happy everyone could make it. I am adding a note from my grandfather, from 1992....I miss you Tutu and Ama also.
2. February- Thank you for the special "just you and me" time with little Kai. I know she won't remember it, but we got to enjoy it before the baby arrived.

3. March (a big one) Thank you to Dr. Deitric for bringing me my little angle safely into this world with a lot of humor and good spirits to pass around. Thank you taking into consideration all of my worries about "the last time" Thank you for taking good care of me also, so that I could be there for the little ones. Thank you for Kai and her patience with me during the new sibling transition. Thank you for my new computer and the great deal I got (I have a really "thrifty" friend who knows how to shop, thank goodness.) Because of how well this day worked out, I would recommend every pregnant women get a computer, the day before giving birth.
4. April Thank you for bringing my family to me. Rambler, little Rambler, mom, and Youngest Sis were the best gift a girl could've wanted. Us three siblings together to celebrate a new sibling to kai.....I hope they have as much love for each other, as we do.

5. May Thank you for Chas, who is always has the most patience for a girl who can be pretty A.D.D. and quite unorganized. Thank you for working on the house during all of the months of the year to give us a home to call Home. =)This is also our Anniversary month...this year was 10 years for us. This is part of a letter he wrote to me, Really beautiful, this is only a section of the image.
6. June Where did this month go? I think this was the month of fathers day. Thank you to Chas for being a great dad to the girls. also, thank you to my own dad, who's spirit is always with us. Thank you also for all the perfect days that allowed us to swim at Dave and Renee's. The girls will always love swimming because of D and R. =)
7. July Thank you for those little trips like the one I took to mellon park with the girls and with beautiful Sophie and Heather. It was nice to sit on the grass and listen to great music. I think Kai enjoyed it more though as she ran around that park till I was too tired to stay a moment longer.
8. August Thank you for C's Gramma S(girls great gramma). she is a bright light in a dark room. She is truly lovely and welcoming. Thank you for loving the girls so much. This is when she first laid eyes on little Violet.

9. September Thank you for Kai. Thank you for her 2nd birthday. Thank you for all the friends that came to enjoy it with us. Thank you for all the gifts for her.....thank you for her. Thank you for the Terrible two's, it keeps me on my toes.
10. October Thank you for Halloween. thank you for celebrating with Heather and Eric and Sophie. The girls were so great in their little costumes-Kai was a monkey, Violet a Skunk, and Sophie was a Turtle.......and thank you for this blog. It has brought me closer to my FBS Uber awesome.
11. november: Thanks to thanksgiving. But also thank you for Learning. Kai pooped in the potty this month, Violet Stood up and Barack Obama was elected the next president of the United States....Pretty great month. and ohhh kai just said "Thank you mama" , so thank you for giving me great polite kids.
12.December. Thank you for the things to come, for giving me a life that allows me to look forward to the future, that desire to see a great future, and to see the kids grow into such wonderful women.

There were so many more Happy thanks to give, but not enough time in a day to list it. So thank you to my family, Chas's family our friends and also those who we fight....they make for good stories to share. Thank you to all those that think me valid enough to read my blog.

Thanks for reading!
Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday.....hmmmmmm?!

If you are even contemplating participating in the festivities, then don't forget to get the special Thursday will have all the deals, also look online starting at midnight for the black friday online presales....Ohh and stay out of my way! =)

The anticipation of it all! I have a feeling it will be a big let down, but you have to try everything at least once, right? I found myself delaying most purchases till Friday, with the hopes that "it or something comparable" will be on sale and not just on sale, but at rock bottom-below cost prices....even if I couldn't possibly be stretched in that many purchasing directions how can I be at the ***Mart and also at Best Buy at or before they open...(we will be in line around 1-2 am) In actuality the products are probably good deals, but they make the money back on the add-ons that we buy. Oh I just saved $30 on this Digital picture frame, I just need to get a flash card for it....maybe some wrapping paper, tape and oooooh, that dress is pretty, "its perfect!"..."WHAT! this is the only thing in this place that isn't on sale?! Ohhhhh, but its the last in my size and someone else may take it......$30 overpriced and you only have two-five things in the cart. what a bummer. I have to be agressive and stick to the plan, if its not what I went there for, put it in the cart and think about it, till you get to the check out, then hide it behind the really expensive thing over there that isn't on sale with hopes to have a chance to change your mind once you leave the store.

That won't stop me though, I am set on getting an LCD HDTV from Best Buy. I know Circuit City is going out of business, but that means I can wait to go there for a couple of days and still get a deal. They will have to get rid of their stock. We have a G.C. for Best buy from a return we did on another TV after it broke and they couldn't fix it (get the protection plan! saved us $700!) That is the other reason I will not purchase something really expensive from Circuit city.....what if it breaks....SOL!

good luck for all those on a mission and humor me to all those sitting in their warm cozy beds laughing at me sitting on the cold sidewalk.=)...maybe get me a hot cocao.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Pittsburgh misplaced its H and got it back again.....

Did you know Pittsburgh lost its' H?! There are other pittsburg's and in fact I lived in Pittsburg California (east bay-San Francisco). The thing that makes this place so unique is the H. Back in 1890 till 1911 for a period of about 20 years the H was removed. The out-cry from the public who adored the beloved H took a couple decades to convince "the man" to give it back.
In a campaign to restore order to town names, the Board of Geographic names dropped the H from every city and town ending in "burgh". They thought it would restore order and reduce confusion from multiple places having the same name, but different spelling. "they" wanted uniformity across the nation. They didn't realize how stubborn and strong the pittsburgh people can be. =)

The Other Pittsburgs (found here)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is not the only Pittsburg in the nation. There's even a tiny town in North Dakota that spells it with the "h"! Other Pittsburg(h)s in America include:
  • Pittsburg, California - Contra Costa County
  • Pittsburg, Colorado - Gunnison County
  • Pittsburg, Florida - Polk County
  • Pittsburg, Georgia - DeKalb County
  • Pittsburg, Illinois - Fayette County
  • Pittsburg, Illinois - Williamson County
  • Pittsburg, Indiana - Carroll County
  • Pittsburg, Iowa - Van Buren County
  • Pittsburg, Kansas - Crawford County
  • Pittsburg, Kentucky - Laurel County
  • Pittsburg, Michigan - Shiawassee County
  • Pittsburg, Missouri - Hickory County
  • Pittsburg, New Hampshire - Coos County
  • Pittsburg, Oklahoma - Pittsburg County
  • Pittsburg, Oregon - Columbia County
  • Pittsburg, South Carolina - Greenwood County
  • Pittsburg, Texas - Camp County
  • Pittsburg, Utah - Piute County
  • Pittsburgh, North Dakota - Pembina County
Congratulations to Pittsburgh for finding its H and restoring sanity to the ridiculous.

The Antibloggedy

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Talk

nah nah nah nah (smile) nah nah nah nah (reach for rolling ball with bell) blah bah bah buah....
this is the sound of my 8 month old right now. It makes me smile more than anything. I am truly proud of her.

How my mothers happiness is my fault =)....

So my sister spilled the news. what was it you ask? My mother, who has put her own life on hold. Who in order to raise 3 children worked 2 full time jobs and 1 part time job, and did odds and end positions. Who gave us every holiday, every birthday celebration, every family get together....
has found someone to share the rest of her life with. S S asked my mother to marry him. Let me tell you their story as I see it.....(I may have the stories mixed up a little and give my self a little extra credit, but that is my job in our family)
My mother and S S met years ago when she was playing soccer for a woman's league. S S got Divorced, My mother was already Divorced and they went on a date. For some reason the timing was not right. My mother had us 3 mouths to worry about and S S was newly Divorced and was dealing with his own childrens mouths.
Flash forward and I, who moved to California for 7 years, moved back home and invited S S to a Birthday party of mine (with hopes to push the two love birds together). In my "persuasive way" I continued to "push" the two to take pictures together, and to talk to one mother always glaring at me with a twisted smile of "cut it out"..... "he's toooo nice she says to me". "I am usually with the "Jock type", like your dad....."oh, really! (says I) and how did that work out for you?"
another twisted smile, glare and the look in her eyes were like: "i'm gonna flick your mouth" Sis, you know what i am saying! you know the look. She said she would think about it... and I told her to give it like 3 dates... she told me to shut up...and said she didn't need me telling her what to do...(mom, apparently you did, and your welcome.=)
So i didn't hear from my mom for like 2-3 weeks because she was "too busy" with her new man! she even stood me up for lunch one day!(yeah, that's right i didn't forget!)
So that is how they owe their entire happiness to me.
The end.....

They have been inseparable ever since. He buys her flowers all the time, Takes care of her, opens her car door for her, opens all doors for her (if he can beat her to it)...(my mom's pretty independent), he kisses her on the forehead, says "yes, dear" tells her she is beautiful, doesn't fight with her, agrees with her all the time, and works really hard. He is as high regarded as any other man in my family, ... he is family. I am so happy for them, because not only is he getting a great woman and great family... but my mother is getting a great man and his family is just as great. I just realized in that sentence that i will officially have 3 step siblings! wow! it really isn't about me!.....
Congratulations Mommy, I love you.
One(edit note: two) question(s): are you changing your last name or is he? and "your not pregnant are you?"

a celebration with friends....and family

I truly am a blessed person. I have moved 3000 miles away from home, yet have found a family here in Pennsylvania. Now, I don't mean that I have replaced my family in any way, as I love my family of my blood...they are always top in my heart. But, the bonds that have been created in my life are so wonderful and I truly love those that are a part of my life, today. The snapshot above is at my home in Pennsylvania, and my friends, as stated in my about me, are unique, and "more smarter" than me people, open minded, and wonderful. I am glad they were able to attend the celebration. Oh, and by the way, Congrats to Dave and Matt on the 30th bday! There is suspense out there and I am going to allow my sister "the Rambler" make the announcement. All I can say is this is the month for Celebrating Thanks and good tidings and my family is truly special. Mom, I love you and am so happy for you. And sis, tell them already!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Fall,

Dear Fall,
I hear you are thinking of leaving us early this year. Are you sure you don't want a cup of tea before you go? We can take one more trip up north to see the leaves fall and run the hose on the grass. What do you think about that? My daughter wants to play in the leaves a little longer and asks that you join her in the sandbox for one more castle building session. I know you have to answer the phone call from winter, but could you make him wait a bit....or even better, let him leave a message and come by later like last year. I just am not ready for winter, you see, I have been procrastinating and still have spring cleaning I have to do, and need new tires for my get the drift. Let me know what you think about that. I will watch the tree next door for your reply. I think I saw 15 leaves left on it. I will bring them a pot of coffee and ask them to hang in there a bit longer.

Thank you,


Dear Winter,

I don't know about you, but I don't know where the time went. I am already making plans to go Black Friday shopping (first time ever)! There is x-mas songs playing in the courtyard of my parking garage at work and the x-mas tree is up in the town square. What!? I want to revisit summer one more time! Fall, I thought we had an agreement! Spring it's on you...Come a little early to save us from this winter I heard was going to be rough this year.
Dear Winter,
Okay, so I know we had it easy the last 3 years, but that is no excuse for making it harder on us, or for increasing the volume of your snow storms. I know Kai would love to play with you, but only for a little while, she might catch Pneumonia. I was wondering if you would invite spring to come play with us in January or early February? Also, those Icy roads are killers to my drive to and from work, so maybe you wanna make a deal? I say we nix the icy and stay with fluffy. This would be the happy compromise. don't you think? We will see. thanks for reading my request.

the antibloggedy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poopy in the Potty!

Okay, okay, so I know it is highly un-etiquette like to mention that thing you doo. But really we all doo it so lets get over that note already. I am just really excited the poop made it to the potty. This was the very first time for my little 2 year old, so a milestone has been reached. I will have to describe:
She was standing there staring at me and it took me a second to figure out why....she had that glazed toddler look about her and she made a small grunt. My inner monologue shouted at me and I got out of the blogging chair, scooped her up and tossed her on The Seat. Once she realized she was there for the long haul, she was not happy about it and I thought, "Is this mean", "just stick to it", "are you sure", "she will see the poopy fall and get as excited as you". Well the poopy fell and she was not as enthusiastic of the whole thing. She kept saying "down, down, down" and I just hugged her and said how proud of her I was....she didn't bite. I let her flush the toilet and she was content. I don't know if the second time will be this easy.....
Congratulations Girl on your newest experience, I will not flood this blog with too many punnies to deminish its value.

What do you say?

So as I am selfish with my life and time while at work, I forget that others exist in that same space and that it is a sad reminder that it is not all about least today was one of those sad days. A friend and co-worker came into the office and sat in an empty seat near me. I looked over and he stated he just needed to sit for a while. I said that was fine and went on with my "stuff", then had that really awful feeling something was terribly wrong. When I looked at him there were tears coming down his face and a look of shock. He mumbled....."....killed my sister". I stopped frozen and asked "what did you say?" and at first thought he said, "I killed my sister" but realized he was mumbling and he clarified that in his next sentence "No, Her boyfriend killed her.....". Silence filled our space. What do you say? one moment, the day is about getting tasks check marked off your list and then, someone shares this with you.....I told him sorry and gave him a big hug, held his hand for a moment, and asked what I could do for him. he didn't even know what to say back. He then began mumbling some words of anger and I told him we would work through this, everything would be okay. I went to get him water and asked my Area Director and General Manager to assist the situation as they were in a better position to do so.
Even they were at a loss. They gave him some comfort and let him know they would do whatever he needed to help. So I will name him friend, and here is what I will say....

Dear friend,
I am sorry for your loss. I know this time can feel like a big empty space filled with chaos, but you will work through this. You have to. You need to be strong for your children and show them that no matter what you are stronger now then ever. No one can ever say they know how you feel and I do not want to attempt to do so. I can only offer you my friendship and my sorrow. I have a shoulder when you need it and can give you distance as well. I hope that your family and you can find a place that you can mourn together and find a peace with your emotions. Find solace in your own loved ones that are still here to share your life with you, and show them your appreciation, love, and they and you are still here.

What would you say?

here is the link to the most recent happenings on this situation

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saying Good bye to Fall

Today was the first real snowfall in my area, as I wrote in the preceding blog.
I have been watching the progress of the neighbors tree. It struggles to hold on to its last few leaves and I am in awe of the process. I am anticipating the last leaf, and wondering if I will see it fall. My daughter ran through the leaves and threw them in the air this year, something new to her. It makes me love fall so much more than I did before. I see it can be truly fun and interactive. I grew up in a climate that never changed, though lovely in its own right, this is such a process. I wonder if my daughter will still love to play in the fall next year. I hope she always finds that sense of amusement in every season. Good bye fall, see you next year.

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The Sky is Falling

invisible statistics

The Sky is falling...well actually we all know its not, but it is snowing! While other parts of Pennsylvania and areas of the US have already had this experience this season, it is the first for the Southside of Pittsburgh. It reminds me of how quickly time goes by and we really do need to stop and smell the roses, before they go away for the winter, oh! they(the roses) already have! damn. It is cold moments like these where I ask myself, "kalei, why did you move to this cold, dark, climate when you had it pretty good in Hawaii?" what a sucker for a heart I am. I wouldn't change my life for anything.

The Antibloggedy

where did the gum?

invisible statistics

How does a 2 year old get gum in her hair?...when there is no gum in the house? I had to cut a small end piece from my daughters hair today, because I couldn't get the gum out. I/We do not have any gum in this house and I wonder, where did she get it?.....I suspect our home may be the place to which all black holes contents escape.

The Antibloggedy

What is an Antibloggedy?

invisible statistics

AntiBloggedy?...what is this you ask? well it is my "need" to communicate with others only as a Blogger I get to say everything and everyone else has to receive it. Take it or leave it I am the one that has full control of the conversation. The other part of it is my "need" to have a response or reply to what is said. I spoke briefly of this in another blog titled "Bloggedy Blog Blog". I feel a sense of much wanted validation to my inner thoughts, my Inner Monologue if you will. You should get one of those, "Inner Monologues" they can be pretty curious, precocious, suspicious, humorous little mindsets. The only problem is sometimes they can escape through the mouth and everyone hears what they say before the editing process.....This is the Antibloggedy "One who lets escape her inner monologues before the editing process =)"

The AntiBloggedy

The Antibloggedy is okay, this time...

invisible statistics

So, there sitting in my inbox of unspoken website was a letter. It stated "Hello Pretty" Usually this makes me smile but some how my suspicious Inner monologue began to speak "whats this person trying to take from me, or whats he want?" Here is the contents of that email:

Hi pretty,

how are you doing? My name is Eric, single,with a kid and searching for the right woman to spend the rest of my life with... am searching for a loving,caring,passionate and honest woman to spend the rest of my life with.

because am seeking for Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows.

Someone who's willing to and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime relationship,cos am willing to relocate if i find the right woman that my heart seeketh..... you've got a nice pics of your profile and am very much interested to know you more better.

Pls get back to me with your yahoo IM so that we can chat.....or you contact me back to my private e-mail address **********

So if you knew my inner monologue you would see it bolt for the mouth and spill out quick enough to escape before I could stop it...Here is my reply:

Why does your screen name say Mark and your end name says Eric. You seem like you are sending mass mail to get a bunch of suckers to contact you......I do not believe that is your pic either. Just don't go hurting some desperate girl out there, as that is what is looks like you are about to do. Please do not contact me again. thank you.

Is that bad? In post thought I wondered "was this guy really interested in me?, did he really look at my picture and say "that is the girl of my dreams?" Probably not, so I agree with my Inner monologue and say to the Antibloggedy in me, "it was okay, this time".

The Antibloggedy

Saturday, November 15, 2008

the kids are growing!

Okay, so I imagined what it would look like when my kids are all grown up and do you know what I saw? Me standing next to them, just the way I am now. I, apparently, am in denial about my own growth and see myself staying exactly as I am now, and they, growing as God intended. Wow, slap me on the face and tell me to grow up!

last thought of today, I promise. I will write more another day.


My Inner Monologue can be such a B.I.T.C.H...maybe

So in talking to my sister I was talking about another blog I did, don't pass it on that there are other blogspots.....=) anywhoo, I find that I can be pretty self-centered. I don't think that is the way I am described by others as I have always heard "she is really nice" and wow, "she is funny and soo sweet" and dare I say "very beautiful" (that last one is from my Gramma)....Sis when you read this 'kiss it' if you disagree =).
That I, who knew a subscriber as someone who was charming, friendly and interested in my stuff, but only as long as the subscriber was anonymous in a sense by the lack of personal pictures. Once the curtain was pulled and I saw what the person looked like I found myself needing to distance myself and altogether a disconnect occurred. Am I a nice girl? I like to be respectful as my mother and family have always taught me, so why did I want to distance myself? I did not disconnect, I just stopped blogging. I do question however why I had those thoughts in the first place? Why did I find myself judging someone so harshly by the look about them? Is this a direct effect of my environment? Have I always made those judgements? Dare I say it, Is my family upbringing responsible?....

Here is what I found out: I did not, in reconciling those thoughts, really want to distance myself from someone based on their looks. In fact I found myself re-hashing the earlier judgements and changing my opinion, my self-centered-ness and where that thought came from. The subscriber was not anything more than a person who I had imagined as someone else or some other entity. It was not who they were it was who I imagined them to be that was shattered. It was not that the person was "ugly" or "weird" its that the person was now personafied! Wow I am really going deep. Here it is: I am not self-centered (I hope) I am just the type of person that doesn't like being watched. And when this person showed his/her face, I was suddenly face to face with someone I did not know and I knew it! Its like being in the room with a stranger and not having anything to say except "hows the weather" and "so, what do you do for a living?" and lots of uncomfortable silences.

So there. I Showed you my inner monologue, and it can be pretty "Rambler-esque" (look it up its a word). This is how I go through my day to day life, these are how I pick through my own brain and find solutions to inner issues. Everyone should hire an inner monologue to do this and to trouble-shoot the inner workings as this is how you can find peace with your own thoughts and especially with the outer monologues. By the way: "Rambler-esque" is not a word, I made it up, something you can do in the outer monologue. But, hopefully you don't lie to the inner monologue. =)



The Bloggedy Blog Blog

So I am inspired by my first sisters commitment to the blogger aka: The Rambler and have found myself interested, humored, and wanting. What is a bloggedy blog blog? you ask, well its that feeling you have when you just have to let the world know what you think and you await anxiously for a reply. I was doing it this week with out even knowing it. I found myself on that "you" "tube" and I was replying to comments made viciously about others, or ignorant comments or justifying someone elses rants. I found myself defending people I did not know and supporting the underdog, of what? I didn't know. So then when I finally put in my comments and waited anxiously for an answer, none came! what a let down. What I really wanted was a bloggedy blog blog....The Bloggedy blog blog! I wanted to say something, wanted others to see it and comment on it then I wanted to say something back....Only rule, you can only say something back if someone says something in the first place. hint hint=)