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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know you all remember this gem! Felt like saying " Wassssuuuuuup!"

love antibloggedy

Monday, April 27, 2009

Proud Mama.....

Okay so can I tell you how proud I am of my little 2 year old artist!?

First she said: Look Mama it Me Kai~

Then she said: Its you! Its you and me, Kai!
Gotta love a girl who's in love with her mama!
And look!
We are holding hands in the picture! .
we are smiling!
She ended up drawing her papa and her sister too!.....but I wanted to show just her and I. =)
And check out her trace of her hand! Pretty cool stuff!

Okay! I am done Showing off........ =)

Kids are AWESOME!


Friday, April 24, 2009

guest posting at Ramblers House.......and a little fitness friday update.

Happy Fitness Friday.....

This is a picture from the walk. Its the Youth Center around the block from my house. It reads, "Behind every great kid, is a great community" true. =)

I have been doing really well with the weekly excercises. In fact, everyday I go on a walk with the kids. Yesterday we went around our neighborhood with my neighbor and her dog. Probably about 2 miles (uphill both ways, in the snow)...(not really).....its my goal, to take them(my kids) out. (wow! That sounds like I have pets! hahaha)....I am thinking about the kid leash.....

check out my inner monologue this week....

What do you think about that?


The kid leash.

Well I think that people will look at you like you are walking a dog, but you are walking a kid. Why do you want the leash.

Well I want to give my daughter (kai) the freedom to walk with out holding my hand, but have the security that she can be stopped from entering a busy street without getting hit by a car.

Can't you just take responsibility and hold her hand and tell her to stay with you.

Were you not paying attention on the walk?! She bolted and I had the baby attached to my chest! Luckily there were no cars, but what if it was the main road?!

So get the leash.



Why NOT!


Because why?

Okay, you should get the leash. But you won't use it.

Yes i will.

No you won't.

your right. I won't get the leash.


Shut up.


By the way, Check out my guest post at my sisters place in Hawaii.......go here.....Hi Rambler!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friends...under the cherry blossom tree

I started to write a post about how all my old current and new friends were converging in one space and time, then I realized it was boring. So I will just say how excited I am to be in a place in my life where the value of all of my friends, old and new, are realized. I am truly blessed with some great friends, healthy families and true happiness. (and when I say friends, I mean you too.)

With that said, here is some pics of my kids in a small photo shoot (with a little digi cam-not professional) called "under the cherry blossom tree" at my next door neighbors.

Much Aloha,


Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick! Go HERE.....!!!!! Don't Pass Go...Go Directly to:

SITS!!!! They are having the MomITForward Auction!!!!! I have an item in there also. bid on it! The cause supports moms around the planet earth =).

There are some really cool bid items too! go to it!


Why are you still here? Go go go! =) Have fun! I know you are a shoppaholic!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I rummaged through some old photos.......

I was rummaging through some old negatives from when I was in college and was emmersed in photography and "that" way of life. Back then, the equipment was still heavy, the film cheap and the room and chemicles to develope at the school was free. I loved what I found:

Here are a three of my Favorites:

These Tulips were from "C" (yes, this was almost 11 years ago)...ouch!

I think the Golden Gate Bridge is the most Beautiful Bridge I have ever seen. It is truly Grand.

I wanted to show how diverse I was at the time. I did beautiful flowers, City-Scapes, People, Old Barns, tattoos... I even did a series of nudes that made a conservative student run out of the room.
Time for a Tangent?
No choice, here it is: The Series was Celestial and you could not tell the images were of the body.....the student raised his hand to volunteer to critique my work and kept talking about the one that had a "male-part" in it........called it his favorite from my series.........then the prof. asked me to share the details. that's when Mr. conservative stood up and walked out, never to be seen again!
-True story.
I felt horrible.
I will not be showing "that" photo here.
I was young and liked to make people squirm. =)

But I was still pretty sweet, innocent, and fun to be around....still am. =)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

How curiosity killed my nostrils.

How curiosity killed my nostrils.
One day a mother was cleaning her house. She went up
and down stairs. Picking up the dirty clothes, the toys
and the what-nots. She had picked up everything
in her sight and was excited to finalize the cleaning
with a little sit down.
in the corner of the room sat a lone pair of blue fleece
pants. Pants she has not seen in weeks. "I don't remember
putting those pants there" They are right next to the clean clothes
bin....but the have that "I just pulled them off my bumm" look to them.


Oh sweet mother of G! wholey canoli!

That pungeant order tells the tale
of the little one that wore it.

so here is the question I ask you:
Why the heck do us mothers feel the need to "see" if the item is dirty, I mean,
It wouldn't hurt me to just toss it into the pile of soon to be washed....

I assure you, I have NOT learned my lesson.

Happy Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

SITS Charity Auction for MOM IT FORWARD

Here is the details:....well go here, I don't have enough energy to re-type it (kids are jumping on me and setting off explosions throughout the house). April 17th and 18th (friday, saturday)

I have an auction item that I am putting in the pot. If you remember back in december I did a Pack of Note Cards for prizes. I am again including this HOMEMADE item in for the MOM IT FORWARD non-profit (go here to check them out at I am thinking about adding it to the Etsy shop, which is a little behind schedule. =) you can check out what I got started at The actual grand opening will happen once I have about 10 items to post. There will be a few different crafty items on there, but wait for that coming up soon.

Thanks to SITS for doing something to encourage giving and for giving me the oppurtunity to help with this worthy cause. MOM IT FORWARD is really an inspiration....(that is my word of the year, BTW)

Mahalo Nui Loa,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Antibloggedy, from Winter

Dear Antibloggedy,

In reviewing your Dear Winter letter you sent back in November I am sorry to say I was not able to meet all of your requests. There were a few "strong and anger filled days" and that could not be helped....I could have been worse. I appreciate that your daughter likes to play with me.....I don't often get kind compliments like that. However, your request to play with Spring is one that makes me a little disappointed and envious of Springs popularity. I do receive many letters of requests from all around the world and they are all normally asking me to leave. Unfortunately this can put a damper on things and I often get a little depressed and teary-eyed (or Teary-clouded) due to all of the hate mail and the lack of interest in MY season, especially from people in your area. This is why I felt it necessary to dump a few extra feet of snow on you after Spring came in with a few weeks of "nice" weather.... "Whatever-it was worth it!". I feel that I was more than fair this season and did go easy on YOU. I look forward to meeting with you again in about 9 months time. I hope that your willingness to hang out with me changes to one of excitement rather than contempt. As for your daughter, she was fun to play with and I enjoyed the snow fight and snow Angel.


My Letter to Winter, November 2008:
Dear Winter,
Okay, so I know we had it easy the last 3 years, but that is no excuse for making it harder on us, or for increasing the volume of your snow storms. I know Kai would love to play with you, but only for a little while, she might catch Pneumonia. I was wondering if you would invite spring to come play with us in January or early February? Also, those Icy roads are killers to my drive to and from work, so maybe you wanna make a deal? I say we nix the icy and stay with fluffy. This would be the happy compromise. don't you think? We will see. thanks for reading my request.

the antibloggedy

Saturday, April 4, 2009

T mobile ain't my phone service

T Mobile ain't my phone service.....but it makes one think about switching at the end of a contract.

great commercial (train station in England)


How Sweet it is.....

I was walking down my steps to the living room when little Violet called me "Mama" yesterday, as oppossed to saying "Mah mah", my heart skipped. I picked her up, twirled her around and violet, kai and I said Mama too many times to count:


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Childrens Book Drive

Inspired by Asa Yamashita with thanks to Pseudonymous High School Teacher for writing the article that gave me that inspiration to do so.

Asa Yamashita was a High School Teacher at Waianae H.S. In Honolulu, Hawaii who was tragically murdered. She was eating noodles at a park bench waiting for her husband to pick her up when a 25 yr old man knocked the noodles from her hands and began to stab reason. Asa was known by her friends and students as "The Book Lady". She inspired her students to read. It was her Passion. Her husband Bryan asked the mourners to honor Asa's memory and "pick up a book and read. ... Read to learn something, read to enjoy. ... Just maybe you're reading for a better world." She leaves behind 4 and 7 year old daughters.

My Spring Charity Event will be "A Childrens Book Drive". If you would like to participate I am going to collect books for the Childrens Hospital here in Pittsburgh. If you are interested in participating Please email me your interest to: and I will send you the address to mail your book.