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Friday, April 24, 2009

guest posting at Ramblers House.......and a little fitness friday update.

Happy Fitness Friday.....

This is a picture from the walk. Its the Youth Center around the block from my house. It reads, "Behind every great kid, is a great community" true. =)

I have been doing really well with the weekly excercises. In fact, everyday I go on a walk with the kids. Yesterday we went around our neighborhood with my neighbor and her dog. Probably about 2 miles (uphill both ways, in the snow)...(not really).....its my goal, to take them(my kids) out. (wow! That sounds like I have pets! hahaha)....I am thinking about the kid leash.....

check out my inner monologue this week....

What do you think about that?


The kid leash.

Well I think that people will look at you like you are walking a dog, but you are walking a kid. Why do you want the leash.

Well I want to give my daughter (kai) the freedom to walk with out holding my hand, but have the security that she can be stopped from entering a busy street without getting hit by a car.

Can't you just take responsibility and hold her hand and tell her to stay with you.

Were you not paying attention on the walk?! She bolted and I had the baby attached to my chest! Luckily there were no cars, but what if it was the main road?!

So get the leash.



Why NOT!


Because why?

Okay, you should get the leash. But you won't use it.

Yes i will.

No you won't.

your right. I won't get the leash.


Shut up.


By the way, Check out my guest post at my sisters place in Hawaii.......go here.....Hi Rambler!!


Sneaky Momma said...

Ha! I've had that inner monologue, too. Next time we go to the zoo, our kids will most definitely be tethered to us.

The Blonde Duck said...

LOVED the post you did at the Rambler's...I'm so DUMB I didn't know you were sisters! It was hilarious!

The Rambler said...

I know what you mean.

Thanks for guest posting sis.

Your word veri is



Martha said...

The kid leash is lame! It's a child, not a dog!! When our boys were little we dressed them both in bright matching tshirts (neon green, orange, etc.) so they would be easy to keep track of when we went to the zoo or
Great post at The Rambler's.
Keep up the great work with your exercise.

Sapphire said...

Hey there! I never could bring myself to do the kids leash, if it was that serious I just brought my stroller. Although, I was out with my (15 month old) son the other day and he flat-out REFUSED to hold my hand or go even generally in the direction I wanted him to go. The thing is, I don't think a kids leash is going to change that. They will still want to go their own way and then you'll be all yanking them back on the leash and then it will really look like you're treating your kids like a dog and yeah...that doesn't end well.
Thanks so much for stopping by. You're so sweet!!
But I still want to know what happened to your butt? ;)

Sammy said...

Please don't put my nieces on a leash... cause what if she gets all tangled up in it like dogs do sometimes and trips and breaks something really bad....