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Monday, April 27, 2009

Proud Mama.....

Okay so can I tell you how proud I am of my little 2 year old artist!?

First she said: Look Mama it Me Kai~

Then she said: Its you! Its you and me, Kai!
Gotta love a girl who's in love with her mama!
And look!
We are holding hands in the picture! .
we are smiling!
She ended up drawing her papa and her sister too!.....but I wanted to show just her and I. =)
And check out her trace of her hand! Pretty cool stuff!

Okay! I am done Showing off........ =)

Kids are AWESOME!



The Rambler said...



Great job niece!!

Now where's Vai's?

Janna Bee said...

That picture is precious! How adorable!

Martha said...

So precious, I am so glad you took a picture. That is just adorable.

Cassie said...

that's so fun! I can't wait for Jackson to get old enough to start doing things like that.

The Blonde Duck said...

So cute!