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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Megans Day....Thanks for playing!

Megan Won!
over at Infertile Myrtle

10 nice things about Megan:
10. I really liked the Yearbook Letters between you and is so sweet and I am glad you treasure things like that
9. I like that you posted 80's pics of reminds me of how I am too embarrassed to post "those" pics....funny though, because I totally posted a picture of my butt on this blog....yep its still'll have to find it on your own though =)
8. She posted my 100 Blog Club button on her page (so sweet)
7. She is so positively perfectly awesome
6. She types 69wpm with 3 mistakes
5. She read my blog, so she must be smart too.
4.She likes blankets, which makes her a perfect winner for this blogging giveaway.
3. My Sister(My Rambling Thoughts) digs her post, and was on the phone with me when I pulled Megan's name from the silver mixing bowl.
2. i don't want to get in trouble so i removed this one......
1. She would make a great mother.

Send her your positive prayers that her dream comes true! I am so glad you won this blanket.....and something to go with it, you'll see.

TaTa for now!

By the way, I had 29 different participants and of that there were like 100 entries (approx.) and it was totally in the cards for Megan to win. She deserves something nice. I am so thankful for everyone that played and participated and cannot thank you enough for reading me. I truly do hope to have more giveaways soon and hope you will join me again than.

Monday, February 23, 2009

100 Blog, and Kidz Cpnnection

I am still hosting my 100 Blog Club Giveaway and Celebration! you can win a blanket, and a few other surprizes! just give me a comment on the original Post....Here.

In the mean time, check out some other places to win some fun stuff like Kidz:

Today is the last day of the kick-off party and opportunities to win the grand prizes! (Don't go there for goodness sake, or you will make it hard for me to win the $200 G.C for Target.....Do Not go there! (a little not me Monday for you!)For info about the giveaways and how TO ENTER TO WIN, GO ----> HERE. Because trust me, you do not want to miss the chance to win a $200 TARGET GIFT CARD! If this is your first time visiting kidz, click here for the scoop.

Check out Kidz Connection. Tara rocks a pretty awesome blog and has a pretty awesome family.....right NANA. Tara does this while having some great giveaways taking care of a beautiful daughter Chloe with special needs. Have some questions, just ask her, she is honest and offers some great advice. While there check out her sidebar, she has some great button links to some great charities, organizations and all around awesome blogs I think she has some "other" clickable icons on that bar that might give her some $love so help a girl out! Her Mom-in-law NANA gives a lot of great recipes on her blog.....yummmmm chiliiiiiii......yummy , and she also likes to share some Doris Day and other great music while stopping by.

as always,

Your Welcome (thanks too) the way, if you win the $200, I am totally coming after you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Post 100

First, I would like to apologize for Pre-posting this 100 Blog post a few days early...=) I didn't even realize it had accidentally posted or when. I pre-set the post date for today(Sunday). There were a couple of changes. One is the 100 Blog Club Button, which when on a side bar, you can actually read the words. The other is the Blog button and linking info is up on the right sidebar. If you visited and commented before today(Sunday), you are still entered to the winning of the blanket. For those of you who did the mention and the comments, I will come to your pages and let you know I made a boo-boo with the embarrassed....but that shows you I am only human, right?! =) Well with that in mind, I am totally psyched to have some bloggy fun today! Good Luck in winning the Heart Shaped Blanky. We had a busy week in my house with a "Big" Renovation on the 2nd Floor Bathroom, which means I was pre-occupied and didn't mail things I should have to my winners of the Blanket Drive(I am sorry, I promise promise they are going out this week!). This coming week is going to be exciting!

My 100th Post:
What sort of exciting things will be happening today?

Why a giveaway, of course!

I am giving away a Blanket!

It has lots of Green in the spirit of St. Patricks Day which is coming up pretty quick.
You may recognize this gem from my Oragami Post on Thursday afternoon.
I made this on Thursday when I got home from work just for the 100th post, aren't you special!
I have to warn you, Its far from perfect, but a girl has got to practice on her projects, and you are my lucky guinea pigs!

You like?

What do you have to do to get an entry?
Leave me a comment,
If you leave me a comment and are also a follower, you get two extra entries!

If you link me in your posts within the next 3 days of this being put up, you will receive an extra two entries...........(leave me a comment to let me know you did this)

If you attach my bloggy 100 post button to your blog (if you have made 100 or more posts) than you recieve an extra entry for being a part of The 100 Blog Club. (let me know in a comment)

Yippey! I will tell you what I have learned about blogging in another long, boring, totally un-cool post. But today is for giveaway and celebration, so Yeah!!!!!!!

Thank yous: Many thanks go out to my followers who make it worth coming back everyday to bloggy land. I truly feel welcome here. Also, thank you to my sis, the Rambler for introducing this to me, in doing so, you have brought us closer together and created a foundation for the rest of our lives! All the blogs I follow, I have felt as much emotion reading your blogs as I have lived in the "real" world. I look forward to many more years of posting and making new friends and readers! Heres to the next 100 posts!

Congrats to Mrs. JananaBee for her 200th off! She is having a giveaway also, so check her out! I mean, don't check her out, because I want to win the mix CD!=)
much aloha,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to make an Oragami Heart out of a Blanket.

Step 1.
Grab a Blanket. =)

Step 2.
Make sure your starting point is a Square. If you have a square blanket, thats great, but most are rectangles, and that what I had. Have it facing you like a Diamond.

My end result at the top of this post was made from this blanket folded down to a smaller square then the one in the demo. I used a larger square because it was easier to follow along and take pictures.

Step 3.
Take the point on the right of the Diamond and Bring it to the center of the square.

Step 4.
Take the left point of the Diamond and bring it all the way to the opposite edge....
Do NOT meet the two points together.
This will look like a Burrito....yummy, I, I love Burritos!

Step 5.
Take the Open end of the "Burrito" tip and Bring it past the right edge of the Burrito.
Look at the picture, it is hard to explain. =)

Step 6.
Do the same with the other end of the "Burrito" tip.
This will give you the heart Shaped design!

Now Like I said in step 2, I used a smaller square in the finished product. This gave me a tighter heart and I held it all together with some pretty ribbon.

The End!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay so I was a little bored....not that I didn't have anything to do today.
get to work at 5.45am
stay at work till almost 3pm
get home, change diapers
feed children
more diapers
is that poop on the ground? ewwww.
Clean up poop on the ground.
run to neighbors to talk about her car accident, see if she is okay.
read some blogs.
make some witty comments, thats how i roll. =)
think about ads on peoples pages, see one with something interesting.
click on it.
and that leads me to todays post:
A Makeover. Well not really, just a virtual one!
apparently I am giving up some free bloggy love their way, but it was pretty cool so it was worth it. It is free for the most part, you have to pay if you want to have "special" selections. I did all the free stuff.

Here are the different hairstyles I popped on my head:

I agree. I am not good as a blonde, but I always wanted to know.....good thing I went virtual and didn't really do it.

You can put accessories on like glasses, sunglasses, hairclips, lipgloss, blush....

Dear Rambler,
I know, I know. I don't wear makeup, nor do I do the girly makeover thing.
But in virtual Bloggy land you can do almost anything. I was just a little curious.

Maybe I will change....Probably not, I am not the changing type....although I did like the #7 do (jennifer hudsons hair-probably a wig)
Things I learned from this makeover:
Most Celebrities have fake hair.
Most Celebrities have crazy hairstyles, that only look good on the red carpet.
I don't look good as a blonde
I don't look good as a red head(at least not the ones I tried)
My forehead is smaller than most Celebrities.
I have a split face type: I thought I was an OVAL, but turns out I am that and Oblong rolled into one.
My complexion is definitely "yellowish" toned.
I may try out a "Bang look"
I really dig the short do....but I am a little skittish to cut off the hair that I grew while preggers....I kinda dig it. but, its time for a change?... I will tell you all if I do change it up, maybe just start with bangs.

One should never nit-pick themselves, its defeatist....I am kind of depressed....actually, no I am not, but I could get that way if I keep staring at my faults, So as always I will look at my strengths.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I want to go back to Costa Rica....

or maybe I just need a vacation.

We went to Costa Rica in 2005. There were about 20 friends and we rented out a set of condos. It was absolutely beautiful.....Enjoy!

Zipcord through the Treetops.....with monkeys in the trees!

Me Happy I am on Vacation......I was so relaxed!

Yep, we got tanked....this was before the two kids, I am totally a good girl now.
Cacique anyone?(locally produced liquor-native to Costa Rica)

Chas and I enjoying the Sunset at Playa Portrero.....It was absolutely gorgeous...

Sky Walk in the Monte Verde Mountains.....torturous roads, Not Kidding! It was horrible, but the view at the top and the sights were incredible. Thats C on the bridge.

By the way, There is a 100th post on please come back and show me some comment love! I also am doing a giveaway! its a surprise. Something everyone can use! well almost everyone!....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad Hair Day....

Kai's Hair went crazy today. I snapped this Gem while she ran past me in a "play" frenzy.
Enjoy, Antibloggedy

To be fair to a girl....she usually looks like this:

Sorry sweetie, You will just have to get used to me being "that" mom. You know, the one that embarrasses you, but showers you with kisses. It is only because I lovedy love love you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peek a Boo!

Violet is such a ham.....she gets a big kick out of hiding behind the clear plastic take out cover....see for yourself:....(by the way, I know her shirt is dirty, she just ate. ) Bathe time to follow.





Laughter is infectious

I love her so much!

Congratulations Bush Family!

The Bush Family is celebrating the 100th post! Go congratulate a girl and enter her giveaway....if you like her "follow her" she is worth the click.

Congratulations Miss Bush! oh, and not just for the 100, but for winning my raffle and for being a wonderful person! =)..........if I say nice things about you, does that mean I will win!?......

hrts your way,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Choose.........Please =)

If you were on my page at all yesterday, you may have seen me switch up the header a few times while I try to find the "right" one for me. Which one do you like best? Please help.
I almost forgot to give due credit to Those peeps have a great selection of scrapbooking tools for jpeg imaging that you can save to your computer. They have "stickers" that you can move around to make an ordinary image or set of words look unique and professional. The cost is free to play around and they have free products as well as some for a small fee. Either way, its totally worth the cost.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Promises.....really

Part One:
I promise I will say Happy Valentines Day.
I promise I will tell you I love you.
I promise I will make you smile.
I promise I will smile because of you.

Part Two:
I Promise to scrub the floors
I Promise to reorganize the bedroom
I Promise to clean the bathroom
I Promise to Clean the living room

all items listed in Part 2 shall be voided if intended recipient fails to read my bloggedy blog blog, in which case intended recipient loses out on my cleaning promises. =) would be my luck C chooses today to read my which case I will totally make him help me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesdays Tipjar......


My Tip for today:

Cheap and Easy Homemade Cards for any occasion

The Cards I am making today are for my Daughters First Birthday:

1.Pack of Blank Cards w/envelopes (50 pack for 5.00)

2.Wallet size prints from Costco: 13 cents each(4 on each page) (for 50qty)=$1.25
(added note about costco: you can upload your pics online to the warehouse and pic it up in the hour.....time saver!!!!I do this before every Costco trip.)and of course you can get this done at any photo print place like W-Mart, but I like Costco better, better service, cheaper, and better quality prints.

3. Glue stick (50 cents for 1 stick) this is a regular craft glue stick the one I got said
"Really Sticky Glue Stick" and is Non-toxic

4. Scissors or Paper cutter(you should already have this) to cut the wallet pics for the front of each card=free or cost of scissors....but you really should have this in your home anyway. =)

Total time to cut, and stick the pictures to the cards: 30 minutes
(because I have a slide cutter, add probably another 30 minutes for scissors)

Total cost for 50 personal cards: $6.75!!!!!
I also spent an additional 2.95 on getting personal stickers with Violets picture on it to seal the envelope(I hate licking the backs....due to an episode of Seinfeld....).
The stickers are super cute and make a nice touch.

*There is additional time in making your special messages for the inside of the card:
* You can print on special paper, cut and paste to inside of card
*Write your own special messages on the inside(this is what I did)
*You can also glue little bows and confetti pieces if you want......(to be honest: its cute, but people who aren't prepared for it when they open the card, hate the clean up if you don't glue it down....I hate glitter myself, so I won't do that either.)

I went to a craft store called Pat Catans in Pittsburgh, but you can find these items in most craft stores. I also used these same blank cards to make my daughters Gifts from the Charity Blog for Cancer back in December using color printed copies of her artwork.

*I found that after I did this with the wallet print pictures that people peeled them from the cards and put them on their fridge, so it made some use after the event.

Ta Da!!!!! My first Tip...of my own
You may have a better faster cheaper Tip on Creating your own cards...share it in a tip jar and don't forget to let me know about it.

Thanks, and Your Welcome!

P.S. It really is pretty fast and cheap
I keep a bunch of the blank cards w/envelopes on hand all the time so when an unexpected or expected occassion comes up I can whip up a card without carting the kids off to the store to buy one!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

yep here he is.......Steve Burns

I like the second video best.....But you got to give props to a guy for following his dreams.

Yep, I know....crazy....and yes...That is Flaming Lips Drummer

here is a cover from a They Might Be Giants Song, "Dead Song"


Steve Burns of Blues Clues......

My Interview with the Star....As if I could be that cool:
Is Steve your real name?-Yes
Are you Gay, not that it matters, but the chicks want to know? Not gay! Yippey (sorry distractingly bombastic, hes ours!)
Did you create Blues Clues?NO, he auditioned for voice over the job
How did you get the Host slot?read above
What is your favorite band?Flaming Lips.....I dig them too!

I was watching Blues Clues with my 2 yr old and wondered...Where is Steve Burns? Joe is pretty good as well, but I have a place in my heart for Steve. I had heard several rumors:
1. Steve is dead of a drug overdose-False
2. Steve was kicked off the show when he swore in front of children-False
3. He is a musician-TRUE!!!!

Watch the video:.....He is still cool and he is still awesome in my eyes. I will probably begin buying his music, cause he has cool music also....

Your Welcome,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to Bake like a 2 year old...

First you mold the cookie. Then you push it out of the mold. Then you smash it! =)

These are the cookies I saved for the oven...only to "slightly" burn them
We still ate them...

Violet was too little to help....but not too little to beg for a taste! Yep! thats frosting!

I made this for the oven, but I went to help the baby and when I returned...It was smashed. Oh well, at least I took a picture of it, before it was destroyed.

And here is the video of Kai Kai baking her first batch of cookies! I finally had the guts to bust out the ingredients and make the mess (hint, turn the volume down due to high squeels from baby at beginning of video):

I ask you for your help....for the 1st bday party....

I am having a 1st b-day at the end of March and Violet is turning the BIG 1!!!! Only, I am having trouble figuring out what exactly I want to do for it.
here is what my initial thoughts are:
1. Cupcakes with fondant animals on top
2. Dance Party theme, possibly with a disco ball and lights (I don't know about where to get that yet)
3. Having it at my house, just cause it is easier for me.
4. There will be more adults than children, and eventually there will only be adults as the kids will all fall asleep....this is how it goes down in my house! =)The kids that come will range from months to several years (a couple of 8-9yr olds too)

Thats all....I don't know about decorating(on a budget), what foods to select, and I want some music suggestions! Help a girl out! Whats your babies favorite dance song? I want to put together a compilation.... So send me your ideads. I will post my faves im another post!!!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photo Story Friday.....

This is my first attempt at this Friday goes:

My Photo:

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh
I won't get into my most recent dissatisfaction of these peeps...I will only say, shame on you Phipps, shame on you!

This picture was the first trip I took to "some place" with a group of friends...when i first moved to Pittsburgh. We walked in the cold weather at around 8pm, we saw some really great displays of Nature.....and then we came upon this that is all I have to say!


I don't have much to write about, so I will just post some pictures. A little bitter with work and some stuff at home is pissing me off.....Rambler, its all good you don't have to call me, I am just stewing on normal stuff.

So here are some pics of Rambler and I in the "old days", before the little baby sis came along, who by the way hardly ever reads my posts, so I don't think she will mind that she is not in any of these pics. I will devote a whole day to her later.

This is a picture of Rambler and I when we were living in Truk (Chuuk, now). I am on the right, she is on the left.

This is the infamous octopus fishing Rambler talked about in one of her posts recently. I am not in this photo. The women holding rambler is our Nanny, Kumiko who also happened to be native of Rarotonga..or was that truk? Rambler remembers better than I.

This is Rambler and I with Kumiko.....she was awesome, and my sis was such a good big sis to me, still is.

This was the picture I thought looked the most like me from my children. that is little violet on the right and me on the left. I still think she is cuter than me, but you can disagree if you want to....besides, she is smiling.=)

Peace OUttt!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yay Meeee! Gloating

So I would like to take the time to say some kind words about
Actually, I was honored to have met some really great people at some really great posts. In the process I got some Awards. Since it is all about me I will also show the awards I have recieved so far and then I will dedicate my own Ceremony to some really great peeps I have read along the way.

The Honest Award.....

**********************************************The Lemonade Award

I received the Honest Scrap and the Lemonade Awards from Meredith over at 24 Hours... She just got back from an amazing trip and has great giveaways. Check her out!

Here are the rules for these awards:

1). List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
*I am often sharing the size of a big boogie, my hrt shaped bruise on my bum, or Burping at work in front of get the drift. I am still pretty appropriate when necessary and only am inappropriate in front of people I like. lucky you.
**I lost a lot of blood in childbirth due to hemorrhaging that was left unnoticed and they thought i might have gone the other way, but it all turned out okay!...I mean, you're reading this, right? but because of the loss of blood I was extremely weak and had a hard time with Kai. I became depressed as soon as my mom left to go back to Hawai'i and I only felt better when my friends starting coming by....I felt guilty because of it, I didn't get to breast feed and I wished I had said some words to the hospital for sending me home way too soon.....On one end they saved me, on the other they spit me out.
***I believe I have seen my father 2 times since he passed. One, was the day he died, I saw him at my school waving at me(waving goodbye) when I ran over, he was gone, and I knew (the time was the time listed as the time of death). The other was when a friend was dying and I asked him(my dad) to help guide her to the otherside in a prayer, and he then showed himself to me smiled with understanding and left me and then she(my friend) appeared to me to me we exchanged some really great words (in a sort of dream, for both of them) than she left me after we said goodbye and I told her everything would be all right. When it was over, I got a call that she had died at the moment I had my encounter(she was in California and I was in Hawai'i)
****I had my first kiss when i was a pro-bicyclist named Jake.....***sigh*** he had nice eyes, he thought I was 5'6 when he was 6'2... i am actually 5'9....3 inches is a big difference when you are 18.....It didn't work out due to him being from California and me living in Hawai'i. If you're out there, reading this: Hey! Long time, Look! I have kids now.
*****I really do want world peace.
******I truly think the 3-10 second rule was created by moms like me: as long as food and ground are dry and there is nothing moving about and anything that is on the food item can be brushed off....and as long as you recognize the area you are in.....stipulations are always attached to this rule. I don't like to waste.
*******I do have a favorite sister, but I will not say it here....because of you know who listening in...(Rambler)......just kidding....did I tell you I am the funniest person in the world....
********I am often very fond of myself...I mean I am really quite a cool catch of a person. Check me out.....
*********Last one, I am just a joker, I do not really think I am THE coolest catch of a person, but I do think highly of myself, I do not have a favorite sister...I just said that because one of them reads my posts all the time, I don't feed my kids "dirty food" I use discretion on the 3 second rule....often it is because I am not quick enough to pull the dropped food from their hands and or mouths before they swallow it down.

The end on the Ten.
2). Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

my seven....who should take the award, but you don't have to do the 10 honest post, just be honest....I know a lot of you have these awards already....but if you don't....well here they are:
Lady with a view
That was Eight, but my sis doesn't really count. Just kidding again!


Thank you so much for supporting me in the bloglines