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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peek a Boo!

Violet is such a ham.....she gets a big kick out of hiding behind the clear plastic take out cover....see for yourself:....(by the way, I know her shirt is dirty, she just ate. ) Bathe time to follow.





Laughter is infectious

I love her so much!


Juls said...

violet is precious.... "dirty" and all! :-) Love it! Smiles are so infectious

Janna Bee said...

Aww... you guys are so sweet!

The Rambler said...

I needed this today....:)

I love her so much too!!!

Muah, muah, muah...(ugh Aunty Rambler, stop slobbering on me)

Muah, Muah, Muah....

Alright. I'm done.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the new header! And that precious baby!

Martha said...

She is so precious, what great pictures. What a lucky young lady to have such a sweet Mom.

Penz said...

Very cute...which leads me to tell you...

You have an award awaiting you!!
Come see, take, and enjoy love!

Kristen said...

So stinkin cute!