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Monday, March 30, 2009

more pictures....3 of them

More Pictures! only 3....I didn't have time to post more than that.....sorry.

Here is somemore of my kids, which I cannot get enough on the otherhand, just have to stay for a second.....Enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Communication is Key

So C and I were having a bad couple of weeks. We weren't "meshing" on what we both wanted. What I mean is that we both were taking care of business with work, kids, friends....we just weren't doing it together. C does a lot around do I. But when it comes to working as a team, we were sucking at it. So last night we sat down and talked.....and talked. it was nice. When I asked, do you want to talk? and his response was, well I am not really ready to "fight". I said, "why do we have to fight? Can't we just air out our differences, speak our minds, and move on? So we did. Thank goodness we did. I was sort of going crazee in the head.

So in keeping with this, go air out your differences and speak your mind a little....unless your one of the lucky ones living in a perfectly pleasant atmosphere (good for you). =)

Thats all for now.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol.....I needed a Rambler Fix....

So today is Ramblers Day on SITS! Congrats sitster and sister. I hope you are on your way over there!!!! Go, Go, Go!!!!



American Idol.

So I never watch this show. First, because I am not a good singer. I also can't stand shows that you are expected to vote......but it is addicting, I give it that. I enjoy the part where simon tells it like it is.

I am doing this because Rambler is on Vacation with the Sits girls....and a guy. She is the featured Sitsta. Congrats Sis! here is to you:

1. Matt Giraud: He's the guy with the piano.....

Lets get it on.
yes, lets.......
Loved it!

2. Kris Allen: ......on guitar.

How Sweet it is
He was fun and cute. really cute. Love that smile. I liked Matt Better, because he is a better singer, thats all.

3. Scott MacIntyre:

Can't hurry Love.
He's the goofy looking guy who I didn't realize was blind and made a funny eye comment.......thanks Juls for letting me know.......I still like him a lot.
This is when I noticed Paula and Simon "Playing with each other under the table, .....a lot".
get a room.
And I agree, it was the wrong song for him.

4. Megan Joy:

Super cute
Was my favorite, but not tonight.
Say Goodbye, too bad.

5. Anoop Desai:

Ooh Baby Baby
Why is it when the guys sing the good songs, I just agree with the title of the song....OOOooooh Baby! Love Anoop. Love him.....but only when I look away. He doesn't dress the part, and his voice is stronger than his presence.....does that make sense? I wan't him to win. But he won't. I am being practical. I think I know who will though.

6. Michael Sarver:

Not too Proud to beg for you baby
Judges were rough. He had a nasty cold, probably from Megan. He was better than Megan.
Was good, not great.
Judges don't like him, they won't let him win.

7. Lil Rounds:

Heat Wave
cute. loved the Flapper dress. Did not like the hair. Totally shaky voice. Wasn't the best. Probably bottom three.

8. Adam Lambert:

Tracks of my tears

Really Really good. Top 3. Missed some, my mom called. Thats all I have for you.

9. Danny Gokey:

Get Ready Cause Here I come
Good Energy. Fun. Not super rememberable

10. Allison.....

Papa was a rolling stone
She is 16! She was the best in this performance. #1
She might win.

Its between Allison and Adam and Matt...Those are my picks....I really wan't to say Anoop, but I don't think it will happen. He will make it to the top 5.

And Thats All skoot on over to Rambler......NOW!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Violets First Birthday!!!!!

So overall everything was a success....because the kids had a blast. I am so greatful for the friends and family I have, because this past week was full of everything.

Tuesday: Dave Fisher died, he was 34...
Wednesday: Violets actual Birthday (1 years old)
Thursday: Mother Eloped, new Stepfather, 2 step brothers, 1 step sister
Friday: Friend arrives from LA staying for 1 week
Saturday: Party at our house for Friend
Sunday: Violets Birthday Party


Here are Some of the Pics from the Party:

I love these dresses. I got them at Macy's during there big 1 day sale. orig: $60, I got them for $18. I thought my daughters were worth it.....and if you know me, I don't usually buy anything that costs That much (I am pretty thrifty).

Yes, that is crayon on our walls....we are renovating and felt like, "what the heck" "let her be creative"......that's how we roll.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

talk to you soon....

I will blog soon. My mother got hitched........she eloped! I am really happy for her, but wish I was there.

I'll will do a post all about the two love birds next week. In the middle of the baby's first bday......

blog you later!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Fitness Friday.....Level One.

So if you read my post on Tuesday, you would have noticed I did a Fitness Challenge.

Take a creative Picture of yourself doing one Fitness-ee thing today and Blog about it. I am not a judge, so if you did it on Thursday, I don't hate, get your fit on! take the kid for a walk on a leash, take the dog to the swings, run along a really hot guy! Just Blog about your fun fitness filled Friday and remember, no marathons. This is fun. Have fun. okay, okay if you want to do a marathon than go ahead, blog about it and I will read it and then I will wish I was that fit. .....(yes, rambler I will do a marathon with 2012.... lets start planning....but none of that walking across Kalakaua in the middle of the Marathon...that don't count!)..... This is fun so if you decide you wanna start with a little arm lift with a tooth brush in it.....go ahead......Oh and keep it clean: NO PHOTOS OF YOU DOING NAUGHTY NUDE FITNESS ACTS! I know some of you were thinking of it.... =0)

Heres mine:

My day today is full packed with a bunch to do so here goes:

Wake up 4am

Snooze Snooze Snooze Snooze Snooze did I miss the last snooze? well:
Wake up at 5am-ish

Work at 6am

leave work at 8am(long story, they cut my hours so *stick out tongue to them* I will use it to my benefit.)

go for walk at local river walk trail near work.

Take a look at several interesting things:

Eye candy.

Maybe even a hot guy or two....hmmmmm head in clouds....

Clap! Clap!

"snap out of it!"
here is my photo..........:

clap snap out of it. Thats not even the photo, just some hot guy (actually it is Matthew McConaughey.....I didn't run into him, but it could happen....yeah right!) wouldn't that be nice, especially on my first Fitness Friday, great motivation!

Here is the real one or four:

First Up....Beer-Fest anyone? Take a mug of beer with me while I walk the trail....hey! don't judge, Its hard to get motivated to do this without rewarding myself along the way.....just kidding I didn't drink the beer!

I did get to walk along the river. Here is the view. It looks prettier in the picture, in actuality the water is brown and there is a broken down boat ramp, and people use the area as personal garbage cans....with out the cans.

Here is the trail....But I only went the distance of 1 mile....... each way! So 2 miles! yeah me!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention I live near the Six-burgh Steeler training facilities, so yep, Eye candy motivation for summer time!!!!

Oh and maybe I should get some running shoes.....I realized mine are really fugly and I wore these instead, with warm socks cause is was 24 degrees the time I was done it was 29 degrees.

Run last 20 feet to car (in attempt to look like I ran the whole way)...why do we do that? or why do I do that?

Cry from exhaustion.....well not really, but breathe heavily....its good for you.

Ultimately the first Fitness-ee Friday was a huge success for me! I even took it so far as a mental check of all the convenience things we do in a day that actually hinder us instead of help us......for instance: I went to W-Mart and Parked my car in the farthest stall, even though there were closer open spaces........I walked a little extra, and no one parked next to me.......I also took this mental mind trick with me to Costco, took no boxes to carry my items in and had a few extra trips to the car to bring it all in my house, but less packaging, and more excercise. I am extremely hyper right now from all the great energy it produced. So hope you will join me again on Friday!

Great job. Leave me a comment letting me know you posted a fitness Challenge response and I will link to it in next friday's Fitness Friday Challenge. I may even go so far as to start a mr.linky.....but that would be ambitious of me.....

Yeah You! Yeah Me! Take a bow........


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ode to Dave Fisher.....

If you were looking for a good cry
you won't find it here
That's not the type of person Dave Fisher is...well, was.
He liked to tell you how it really is...well, was
He liked to be crass, and if you didn't like it, you could kiss his cancerous ass
but if you dig down deep, he really was one of the best guys around.
"Invincible" in many ways, except against that stupid cancer fellow.
Dave Fisher, you are one of a kind and you will be missed....even though you could be a dick....with a smile

With Love and Aloha
May you find yourself at peace, you need a good rest.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For Violet....

Mommy Loves you,
Happy Birthday


This is Violets favorite.....she will stop doing anything for Moose and Zee

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Challenge to you....if you dare.

I used to run. A lot. I used to run miles and miles

....per day.

I used to finish my run


do another set of things like: swim, rollerblade(that ended horribly), and walking.

I used to run in runs, for fun.

I thought it was fun. It was my meditation. I would zone out and before I knew it, it was over. It was euphoric and addictive.

(not to make you think I was some crazy sporty teen, I did indulge in a lot of B-King J-Box and other tasty treats to celebrate)

I wasn't skinny, I was healthy.

My Metabolism was good and I was in a very healthy happy state of mind and body.

Then I grew up. (literally)

How does one go back to what they once loved? How do they get there when they have a full time job, two kids at home and a barely there sleep time?

I will have to pick a day and slowly add to it. I will choose Fridays and go from there. How do I deny myself what is that good for me?

Cheer for me as I begin my goal and My attempt.

I am not doing it for weight loss (although that is always an added benefit, I won't lie), But I do it for healthiness.

So here is my Challenge for those of you who would like to participate:

Fitness on Friday.

I am not asking you to do a marathon so keep reading:

Will you join me in doing one fitness thing on friday, with me?

This means doing something (walk down to the mailbox if you have to), but be creative. Take a picture of your foot in the grass or your hand with a barbell in it. Then write about it. So good luck and I hope you will join me in the fitness challenge. For those of you who start participating, I will try to become more challenging, maybe even a marathon! just kidding. no marathon.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday......./ Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT have the most (perfect moment) ....LORI IS ON HIATUS with my two girls.

I did NOT come home from work with enough energy to clean, organize, and find time to do some fun things with the girls.

One of those things was NOT going for a walk around my neighborhood with one on the hip and the other in hand.

I did NOT let go of my childs hand to take pictures of her going on steep stairs.....even if you see a picture of it, it did NOT happen:

I did NOT take a picture of my child standing in the middle of a street, without me or another adult right next to her providing her with supervision.

I did not dress my daughter in a GREEN jumpsuit.....hello St. Patrick?

I did NOT use my blog to get free criticism from readers regarding my new Etsy Post. I am NOT extremely anxious about it and striving to do it right. GO HERE TO SEE IT.

I did NOT just send you to my new Etsy page to view the ONE item I preposted before the grand-opening.

I am NOT super freaky-outing due to My Daughters first Bday on Wednesday!!!!! A friend visiting on Friday, and the big party for First Birthday on Sunday.....yup Oriental Menu and super cute cupcakes Ahoy!...wish me luck this week!

Have a great I mean DO NOT have a wonderful mischievous week!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pre-Etsy Grand Opening Announcement!

I did my First Post on Etsy. I know I know...I haven't done the grand opening yet, but wanted to test the waters. I am still figuring things out but tell me what you all think of the first item and of the cost. Be Honest. I am using all of you as my marketing panel. It's my first time and I want to be fair and take all criticism positively. I checked out the Flat Rate and it would cost $10.00 to ship the blanket in the Origami I included that in the cost of the Blanket which I wanted to sell for $20.00....listed as 30.00 shipping included....or do you think I should list as 20.00 with 10.00 shipping? you get the drift.

Go Here to Check it out:

I have 8 more Items to post, but want to wait till the grand opening to do it.

Thanks for your input. I really value it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Night at the Improv....

I think I may begin to post a weekly Feature Child Phenom. This is: (Elton John) Your Song - by Sungha Jung Check out what millions of listeners have already!


And here is a little Beatles for you: I will

and get the drift, I like the kid.


Limerick Contest....Entry

I know there are those that can't have one
A baby I mean, in the tumm
But as Miss Lori will write
you can fight for that right
and a baby adopted might find you

Lori is a blog goddess over at Weebles Wobblog. Check out the Limerick Contest here.

And due to favoritism, please vote only for Martha or Me.....Okay okay, maybe vote for a couple others because they deserve it. =)

I told Martha I couldn't limerick, then decided maybe I shouldn't tell myself "I Can't" So much and try for a change....Thanks Martha

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The What If Moment that changed my life:

My Way older sister, Rambler has a think about it Thursdays post and her big question is this:
Tell me about your What If moment....

Pull up a Chair and get comfortable, because this is a long one, but well worth the on:

I think my what ifs are that I am so lucky and appreciative for what I have and where I am in my life, it was so close to have been taken away from me.

Chas and I decided to go camping for a week in Yosemite. I was anticipating the trip before hand and had that "feeling" the night before. It lead me to put together a first-aid kit. I had one of those large bottles of advil and a lot of gauze...we had a close call just an hour into our drive there when we witnessed an accident in front of us and after we drove away from it, realizing "that could have been us that the car drove into" (a car had driven onto the highway crossing traffic without stopping or slowing down and hit the truck directly in front of us.) I said to Chas, if i get hit by a car this weekend, i am downing 10 Advil......foreshadowing.
We had our camping trip and were on the last of the 5 day trip. We drove through Tenaya Lake as part of our last day and on our way home to East Bay of San Fransisco. We Parked the car off the road, just after a big bend. There was enough room to do so safely, and in fact it was a sort of Parking "norm". We walked down the hillside to get close to the lake edge and I suddenly realized I hadn't taken one picture of Chas and I during the entire trip (I was a Photography student, so yes, it was a big deal). I ran up to the car to grab the tri-pod and the camera. I was on the drivers side back seat door leaning into the car and pulling at the tri pod. It got stuck on something from the other side of the car.....I pulled and pulled the tripod to no avail (as though someone was pulling on it from the other side.) I went around the car and began to remove the camping gear from the car and place it on the roof. This included pillows and bags. finally the tripod "let-go", just as it did, there was a very loud screeching sound, a big bang, and I don't quite remember all of the in between... I am sure it was but a millisecond.

A women traveling to the United States from Amsterdam was on a journey through the US National Parks and was driving all of it! She had made it through to Yosemite, and fell asleep at the wheel while making the turn on the big bend in the road. She ended up driving into our parked vehicle at around 45 miles per hour on a 35 mph stretch of road. Her Vehicle hit our Car and ricocheted off it continuing about 50 yds away into a tree stump, her airbag already deployed from the first impact. Our vehicle had swung into me in such a way that it picked me up "gently" lifted me over the open car door and threw me down the cliff side toward Tenaya Lake. I landed in three locations, all soft patches of dirt (in a 90% Granite Environment) rolled to a final stop with the pillows I had placed on the roof of the car softening my final landing against a Tree and a Granite Rock that stopped me from continuing into the Lake, and to certainly a more serious life and death situation.

Chas watched the whole thing happen with in 5 feet of the scene, he had been walking up from behind the car to help me.....he said he thought I was dead, and that I flew like a rag-doll.

Here is the Big What if:
Had my Tripod not been stuck, and I hadn't walked around to the other side, I would have been crushed (fatally) between the two vehicles, instead of being thrown.

Had I missed the soft patches (small as they were) and instead hit the granite rock(yes, one really big rock) I certainly would have been injured more seriously.

Had the pillows not been at my final landing, I would have felt more impact against the Tree and the Granite Rock.

Had the Granite Rock and the Tree not been there, I would have fallen into the ice cold lake below....where there were some nice pointy rocks to break my fall. 3 feet to the left or right, and I would have probably fallen in.

Here is the Beautiful Lake:

When Chas jumped down the hillside to my side I was facing the opposite direction from which I stood at the car. I was dazed and in shock. I remember watching the other car hit the tree and I remember telling Chas to go and help the other motorist, I told him I was going to be fine, but that the other person may need more help.

There is still a shared Big what if between me and the German Woman:
Chas had walked 2 miles to a "nearby" payphone to call for help. they dispatched a Park Ranger who arrived with in the hour. When the Park Ranger arrived we were sitting with the other motorist, and I was hugging her, telling her it was Okay. I had downed 10 advil, and was helping her with cleaning her wounds. We were holding hands, because she was shaking so much. The Ranger came over to us and immediately became angry that we were all seated together and were conversing, sharing black cherry soda's. He wanted to know who had been "hit" and I raised my hand. He pulled me away from the German women and asked why I would sit with her. I told him I was glad we had all survived, I also knew she did not do this "purposefully" and when I saw her face, knew we could not fight over "this". "Just Be Thankful for our Lives" and try to make the best of it all. I told her she needn't worry about the cars, the insurance companies would take care of that (Chas's car was only 2 months old, if even). The Ranger said she was lucky to have had this experience with people so understanding and levelheaded. He was really glad we were alive......Here is the really big What IF: One week prior there was an accident in the EXACT same spot and had an almost exact replica to ours, women next to car that is hit is thrown into Lake, and dies. The driver of the car that caused the accident hits a tree and is in critical care. I had survived. The tree that the other vehicle hit had been removed and reduced to a stump. This stump is what the other driver hit, and her impact was based on the car being hit in the undercarriage and stopped before impacting against the tree......this also saved her.

I had decided to wear this Guardian Angel Pin that week and that day....there was that "feeling". I hadn't worn it in two years. This was the Guardian Angel Pin given to me by my Aunt and Uncle who had lost their Son Zachary soon after he was born. It was a small simple pin. I truly felt that there was something carrying me gently through that day, placing me softly on the ground throwing the pillows to my final destination "holding back the force of things". I had no injuries except for a strain to my left wrist where I tried to catch myself on the fall down and a couple of scrapes on my legs from the final roll. In fact the Women from Germany had been more injured from the force of the seatbelt and the air bag. She had no one to help her, no one she knew to call.......but then a car drove by that Chas had flagged down to ask for some assistance, and it turned out to be friends of this woman also visiting from Amsterdam. they were able to stay with her. We still had a several hours drive from the lake to the Valley floor, where they had the First Aid Stations, Car Tows, etc. There was only one car tow and the ranger gave it to us first. The other women would have to wait, but she had friends there to sit with her. We had a friend who had left our campsite that last evening and he called us when we got to the Valley Floor to see if we were still nearby, because he was still in the area........and he lived near us! So he came back for us and took us home.

Do you have any What if Moments, that changed your life?


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Bait and Switch........Swiper NO Swipey!

Ummmmmm you would think I was speaking of some shady fox character or someone dressed all in black with a mask on their face, but you would be two year old Kai! yes, Kai! She always surprises me:

The Bait and Switch:

I made chicken tenders with panko breadcrumbs and french fries. I made a plate for me and a plate for my daughter. As I was eating with her she decided she wanted my plate. I said no, because I had cut hers up (preventing choking hazards as I do from time to time).

The Baby had crawled into the kitchen, crying that she could not reach something, and I went to retrieve her. when I returned my other daughter had perfectly switched our plates and was already enjoying the new plate of food in front of her.......I let her keep it due to points for crafty-ness....I think she had the little one in on it.
BY THE WAY: I did not notice for a few bites, till I wondered when and why I had cut up my chicken THAT little creative cookie thief!

Gotta Love the kid!


I know I didn't write all weekend, and now only 2 hours into my last post, I am posting again....When it rains, it pours!


Have you ever had writers block? I have had so many things going on in my head, in fact so much so that I would rush to jot it all down for you all to see and read.....then, nothing. My mind would go blank! (haha, Rambler, was not blank to start with!).
Some exciting things that went on since my last post:
1. Planning the trip in May to visit Rambler and our mommy...and the other little sis.....and other Family too!
2. Planning and completing inventory for the opening of the new Etsy in a few weeks.
3. Daughter told me I love you Momma....several times.....(she whispered it to me)
4. Re-organization of my time management and house
5. Renovations on the Master Bathroom.
6. Visits with Friends
7. Conversations with Family
8. Opening and Closing Doors.....=)

Thanks for sticking with me while I figure out the words. =)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Memories of a moment

As inspired by A duck in her pond and pseudonymous

The young girl rushed up the long driveway to her home. Zig Zagging the walk up that driveway was a daily least if she went to school or to play at a friends house.....or went to look for the cow. The dog, Mauka, was waiting at the top of the Mountain Drive and sat patiently till she reached the top, tail wagging. There was always leaps and licks and occassionally there was an aggressive push to the ground to "play". This young girl would drop her items in the driveway and sit on the warm cement looking at the sky and clouds. Wishful thinking about childhood dreams and just feeling the sun and the breeze.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why don't kids want their Diapers Changed?

I mean, seriously! Can't they smell it? I know I say often that my stuff smells like roses, but even I must admit that I don't enjoy the smell of my own.....poop. Why is it that when I say "Kai, did you make poop?" and Kai says "yes"(or stares at me blankly with no response) I will say, "lets change that diaper!" ......Kai goes running for....? I don't know. All I know is that if I had poop in there and you were willing to change my diaper, "gladly, go ahead".

That's all, just wanted to rant a bit.

I know she should be potty trained (i better get on that before she gets into High School)....right McKmamma? I am just too lazy to get it done right.....or not lazy, just not making it enough of a priority.

Either way, she should let me change the diaper! =)


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tiffany and the $100 Target Giveaway

Go Visit Saucy Tiffany over at her personal blog. She is introducing the Fishful Thinking (click on the pic above to go directly there)website run by Goldfish Crackers. The Website is pretty informative. You can find tips and activities to keep you and your kids positive. I like the Q&A portion with Dr. Reivich. Tiffany is also getting a chance to meet with Dr. Reivich and help them do a Faculty position on the Fishful Thinking! Way to go Tiffany! So support those that support the SITS family. Its a great place to find out some questions you may have had (especially for those of us shut in by the winter months and stuck inside) about what to do on Inside days and ideas about what to do any type of day. For those of you that have children that foster some serious thoughts, this can aid in putting a positive focus to those thoughts. Oh and you will probably want to take a load off and snack on some goldfish while you are at it... ;0)

Thanks for reading.....Oh and before I forget, you can also go visit Tiffany to win one of the 2 $100 Target Gift Cards she has for the giveaway associated with this post. So Good luck!
Tiffany's Post

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesdays Tipjar...What another Origami Blanket?

Actually, I just gave this one away as a gift to a friend who is expecting. It was a labor of friendship, and I enjoyed every moment!
This is a 3x3 Blanket with total of 9 squares:

Here is the how to:

Start with a square
....(I love this material, on one side is the light 100% cotton flannel on the other is regular 100% cotton material and natural cotton batting in the middle, but actually when I said I love it, I was talking about the design.....=)

Fold the square into a triangle than fold that in half:
introducing the stand in, I didn't think to take pics of the original blanket as I was too excited to see if I could do it.

It gets a little tricky so hang in there, I will try to explain it well. Honestly, once you do it right one time, you will be able to make a crane really fast....and to do it in cloth, you are a master!

Pull the bottom corner so it is at a 90degree angle, Then pull that point straight down so the sides fold out and make a square:

Turn over the face and repeat on the other side:

Okay, don't give up........

Now, You will take the tip of the opening and pull it up, and try to fold the left and right sides in so that they look like this:

You will repeat this on the other side.

This is what you should have:
The legs you see will become the head and tail of the crane, the top triangle will become a wing and there is a matching one on the otherside! this is 3dimensional view of the same image:

That fold you see between the wings will become the body or "Back" of the crane.

Holding the crane at its center point, like the above picture, You will take the "Head" of the crane on the right and fold that into itself so it comes up to Head position in between the two wings:

repeat the same fold for the tail.....and of course fold the tip down on the right so it looks like a head of the crane.

I took a long ribbon and tied around the bottom points, going completely around the base...This will hold your crane together, so it looks like this:
Of course, if you have any questions or need further clarification, just leave me a comment, and I will try to respond quickly.....This turns an ordinary gift blanket into a unique gift!

Your Welcome!