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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ode to Dave Fisher.....

If you were looking for a good cry
you won't find it here
That's not the type of person Dave Fisher is...well, was.
He liked to tell you how it really is...well, was
He liked to be crass, and if you didn't like it, you could kiss his cancerous ass
but if you dig down deep, he really was one of the best guys around.
"Invincible" in many ways, except against that stupid cancer fellow.
Dave Fisher, you are one of a kind and you will be missed....even though you could be a dick....with a smile

With Love and Aloha
May you find yourself at peace, you need a good rest.



Christine said...

I'm giving your an award! Check it..

Martha said...

RIP Dave

Penz said...


Kalei said...

Thanks for the respect to Dave......He was a great guy! Lots of people will miss him.

Christine said...

Hey...thank you so much! I went to Sneaky Momma and her tips made it so easy! I had it done in like 10 minutes...HURRAY!

Anonymous said...


小小彬 said...


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