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Friday, March 20, 2009

Fitness Friday.....Level One.

So if you read my post on Tuesday, you would have noticed I did a Fitness Challenge.

Take a creative Picture of yourself doing one Fitness-ee thing today and Blog about it. I am not a judge, so if you did it on Thursday, I don't hate, get your fit on! take the kid for a walk on a leash, take the dog to the swings, run along a really hot guy! Just Blog about your fun fitness filled Friday and remember, no marathons. This is fun. Have fun. okay, okay if you want to do a marathon than go ahead, blog about it and I will read it and then I will wish I was that fit. .....(yes, rambler I will do a marathon with 2012.... lets start planning....but none of that walking across Kalakaua in the middle of the Marathon...that don't count!)..... This is fun so if you decide you wanna start with a little arm lift with a tooth brush in it.....go ahead......Oh and keep it clean: NO PHOTOS OF YOU DOING NAUGHTY NUDE FITNESS ACTS! I know some of you were thinking of it.... =0)

Heres mine:

My day today is full packed with a bunch to do so here goes:

Wake up 4am

Snooze Snooze Snooze Snooze Snooze did I miss the last snooze? well:
Wake up at 5am-ish

Work at 6am

leave work at 8am(long story, they cut my hours so *stick out tongue to them* I will use it to my benefit.)

go for walk at local river walk trail near work.

Take a look at several interesting things:

Eye candy.

Maybe even a hot guy or two....hmmmmm head in clouds....

Clap! Clap!

"snap out of it!"
here is my photo..........:

clap snap out of it. Thats not even the photo, just some hot guy (actually it is Matthew McConaughey.....I didn't run into him, but it could happen....yeah right!) wouldn't that be nice, especially on my first Fitness Friday, great motivation!

Here is the real one or four:

First Up....Beer-Fest anyone? Take a mug of beer with me while I walk the trail....hey! don't judge, Its hard to get motivated to do this without rewarding myself along the way.....just kidding I didn't drink the beer!

I did get to walk along the river. Here is the view. It looks prettier in the picture, in actuality the water is brown and there is a broken down boat ramp, and people use the area as personal garbage cans....with out the cans.

Here is the trail....But I only went the distance of 1 mile....... each way! So 2 miles! yeah me!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention I live near the Six-burgh Steeler training facilities, so yep, Eye candy motivation for summer time!!!!

Oh and maybe I should get some running shoes.....I realized mine are really fugly and I wore these instead, with warm socks cause is was 24 degrees the time I was done it was 29 degrees.

Run last 20 feet to car (in attempt to look like I ran the whole way)...why do we do that? or why do I do that?

Cry from exhaustion.....well not really, but breathe heavily....its good for you.

Ultimately the first Fitness-ee Friday was a huge success for me! I even took it so far as a mental check of all the convenience things we do in a day that actually hinder us instead of help us......for instance: I went to W-Mart and Parked my car in the farthest stall, even though there were closer open spaces........I walked a little extra, and no one parked next to me.......I also took this mental mind trick with me to Costco, took no boxes to carry my items in and had a few extra trips to the car to bring it all in my house, but less packaging, and more excercise. I am extremely hyper right now from all the great energy it produced. So hope you will join me again on Friday!

Great job. Leave me a comment letting me know you posted a fitness Challenge response and I will link to it in next friday's Fitness Friday Challenge. I may even go so far as to start a mr.linky.....but that would be ambitious of me.....

Yeah You! Yeah Me! Take a bow........



Penz said...

Good for you! I am chasing around a naughty toddler today...does that count as fitness? She is on a roll... :)

Kalei said...

It does....this posted by accident a little early....I am finishing it now.

Martha said...

You go, Girl! I hiked about 2 or so miles all uphill yesterday w/my cousin. I took some pictures of wild flowers, none of moi. I will blog about it and keep you posted.

Juls said...

Oh My! You go girl!!! Did you say fugly....I love fugly Am I a little obsessed with the word fugly, I think so. Great idea you have here...maybe I'll join in next week!

Megan said...

Woohoo! Go you! =D

Anonymous said...