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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tiffany and the $100 Target Giveaway

Go Visit Saucy Tiffany over at her personal blog. She is introducing the Fishful Thinking (click on the pic above to go directly there)website run by Goldfish Crackers. The Website is pretty informative. You can find tips and activities to keep you and your kids positive. I like the Q&A portion with Dr. Reivich. Tiffany is also getting a chance to meet with Dr. Reivich and help them do a Faculty position on the Fishful Thinking! Way to go Tiffany! So support those that support the SITS family. Its a great place to find out some questions you may have had (especially for those of us shut in by the winter months and stuck inside) about what to do on Inside days and ideas about what to do any type of day. For those of you that have children that foster some serious thoughts, this can aid in putting a positive focus to those thoughts. Oh and you will probably want to take a load off and snack on some goldfish while you are at it... ;0)

Thanks for reading.....Oh and before I forget, you can also go visit Tiffany to win one of the 2 $100 Target Gift Cards she has for the giveaway associated with this post. So Good luck!
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