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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life with a Sunflower

Every morning I stop and take notice of my sunflowers we planted in our front garden. They have grown to be around 11 feet tall and the flowers have bloomed to be a foot in diameter. They are so tall and the stalks so thick that I cannot get close enough to touch their bloom. I see the bees that orbit them and the lady bugs that shade themselves by them. I often lift their leaves to look at the life under them. Our Tomato Plants are shaded just enough by them to keep from drying out in the hot sun, but benefit from the "green house" effect they produce. I take a moment to pick the cherry tomatoes with the two kids, our harvest is often a handful each, some red, some yellow. We pull back the gigantic Sunflower leaves that hide our harvest and throw the split tomatoes back to the soil so they can produce healthier soil. I water the Sunflower and realize the daily routine with a smile. I feel like one of those bees that are doing their own harvesting of the pollen in the Sunflower, enjoying The Life with a Sunflower.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some sad news....

My neighbor is like family to us. When they have something happen to them, it effects me very much. I know much of their immediate family as well as extended family. My neighbor, has a godson/nephew that was killed in Iraq. They found out the news today. We were just putting a care package together for his battalion/troop and we were so excited to get all those magazines, baby wipes, flea collars, and other needs to them ASAP. We were going to call the different companies in the area to get some sponsorship to make it a BIG care package. It is very difficult for me to see those close to me in such despair. Her Nephew gave the "ultimate sacrifice", and not just for them, but for me, and my family and you and your family. This is probably the closest degree of separation I will be from someone who is in Iraq. I am not sure what to say, what to expect. I want to continue to fill the contents of that box, send it to his battalion in his honor and to send them condolences for their loss, and thank them for continuing to fight, while mourning. They have not released the names to the press yet, and they are still investigating the incident, I can only hope that he suffered little and knowing how much he was loved.

This has touched me. I see more now and feel more now about that war than I did reading the news, or watching the politics play out. I always want them to be safe and to come home, but beyond that I was ignorant of the "real life" scenario. The one where you see the family who door.

My heart goes out to all those fighting for us, for their families at home, and till they are home safe in your arms...I pray for their safe return. Beyond that I don't know about what you feel. I can say that the amount of honor they bestow upon you and your family cannot be matched by anything I will ever do, but that I hope that my life can emulate their purpose.

With Much Love and Aloha,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunsets in Pittsburgh

I have to tell you, coming from Hawai'i to a place like Pittsburgh wouldn't seem like an upgrade, but there are times that even in Pittsburgh, Hawaii gets a run for its money on beauty.

This is from our back yard looking into the city. It is the reason we bought our house. I truly love pittsburgh, especially since it gave me my two favorite moments in life, Kai and Violet.


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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Moving Wall....and some 4th of July Highlights

We were extremely fortunate to witness the Moving Wall in the small town of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. It was at the Ellwood City Festival a huge "small" town Festival to celebrate the 4th of July and this year they got to celebrate the independence brought to us from the sacrifices of the men and women who died at the Vietnam war. I am no expert, so I will tell you what I remember, and in the way I remember it.

The Vietnam war left many casualties. This wall records the deaths and sacrifices of
58,261 (9 of which include women). The wall is in Chronological order and starts with the first name casualty and ends with the final single casualty. It is quite a sight.

I have to tell you that I had a really great time. C's Mom was headed the committee that brought the Wall to the Town and his sister sang the Star Spangle Banner at the opening and closing ceremony....with the finale of fireworks. We went on Sunday for the finale, but We also had the 4th of July Celebration at our house in the city, where we had a great view of the city scape from our back yard. Kids had fun, Violet loved Corn on the cob and a few people enjoyed themselves a little "too" much. =)

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Mom and the Opihi

Opihi is one of the nicknames my mother has gifted to my youngest daughter Violet. The Opihi is a type of Mollusk that clings to the cliffs and rocks on the shores of the islands in Hawai'i. It's her way of saying my daughter is clingy to me, I agree. I am working on her independence and she should be out of that phase shortly.....i hope.

Dear Mom,
love you!

your fave daughter,

By the way, here is a picture of an Opihi,
I don't see the resemblance.....


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kai and Violet in Black and White

I recently took these two photographs of my kids. I can't get over how much I enjoy a photo in Black and White. Something about the lack of color that brings out the beauty in the content and detracts from the things unimportant. I loved these two photos so much I wanted to blog about them. Kai's hair should be in a shampoo commercial! and Violet......well, she will get hair soon enough. =)

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