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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I Won. Points 298.

C, Bring it on!

K (2 wins)
C(0 wins) hahahaha!

I can't keep myself wordless!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow days

I have been blessed with the oppurtunity to experience some record setting snowfall. In one night we recieved 21 inches or more!

I have had some fun with it as I sort of let my neighbors know I "like" shoveling......I should say now I "liked" shoveling. After 3 days of trying and on the final day, 3 total hours of shoveling, salting, melting ice surrounding my vehicle, I was able to free it from the clutches of my driveway. Ouch to the back and my arms. I am getting tons of exercise though.
The snowfall stopped for a few days, and then yesterday the heavy snow began again. They are predicting 10-18 inches more in many parts of pittsburgh. They still haven't cleared up the snow from friday-Sunday. Loads are without power (sucks, cause no power means no furnace to heat the house!) pipes are freezing and cable/internet is going out. I only lost cable and internet for friday-sunday when it came on shortly before the superbowl.
I still had 4 vehicles that I helped push down the street as they got stuck in front of my house. The city has sold out on snow shovels and many grocery stores are without milk, and meat products as well as major shopping supplies. I went to the store on tuesday after the 3 hour shoveling ordeal and they were packed with survival mode peeps. I had gone shopping on friday and HAD to go to get diapers for my little one. My neighbors and I shared what we had left till we could make it to the store. Never again!
this is my street "after" they plowed it......The firetruck couldn't make it to the house fire down the street because of the snow caused by a fireplace fire that was made in a non-fireplace ready fire place. they had no power! State of Emergency placed on our county.
punxsutawney phil says we get 6 more weeks to deal with. Damn ginney pig! (just kidding, I know its a gopher).............(groundhog)

I have some sewing projects to finish, but need supplies to complete the tasks....not possible with the roads as they are. so I can't complete them. Start a bunch....not finished. wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Creature Crafts project

I have decided to try and learn how to make a few creature crafts. I love animals of all types and have decided to partake in a month of creatures to be loved.

I will post the blogs randomly, but am really excited about my project ambitions. As this is the idea stage I have a few must have ambitious projects that I will list, however the finished products won't come till the end of this week. One by one. I will post the links to them when I finish each blog.


I always love seeing these guys and don't get tired of them. something special about the owl. In Hawaiian Mythology the white owl can protect you and guide you out of trouble. So as this is my inspiration I will do the White Owl with my daughters initials on each wing. Here is the Initial drawing inspiration that I drew based on a project in the craft book:

"One Yard Wonders" by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. This book is awesome! there are 101 sewing projects that all use 1 yard or less of fabric. I know I have a lot of one yard "what do I do with this" fabric. Anywhooo.....back to my project

Monkey Blanket:

I made this one already, but I will show you all the fun stuff close up as well as the finished product. Hope you like what you see.

The 3 Toed Sloth:

I did some browsing on the internet for the inspiration to my project. It's still undetermined, but there were some fantastic artists, cartoonists and doodlers out there with the ability to inspire me. work in progress. I have to remember to keep it simple otherwise I don't know if I can't get it done. Probably a blanket, towel or pillow. wait and see!

Maybe I'll write a book titled: All the animals you can make with fabric from A-Z.....I think it would only take about 10 years to write. =)

More coming:

I would be more then excited if I get 3 of the creature crafts done. keep watch this month!