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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life with a Sunflower

Every morning I stop and take notice of my sunflowers we planted in our front garden. They have grown to be around 11 feet tall and the flowers have bloomed to be a foot in diameter. They are so tall and the stalks so thick that I cannot get close enough to touch their bloom. I see the bees that orbit them and the lady bugs that shade themselves by them. I often lift their leaves to look at the life under them. Our Tomato Plants are shaded just enough by them to keep from drying out in the hot sun, but benefit from the "green house" effect they produce. I take a moment to pick the cherry tomatoes with the two kids, our harvest is often a handful each, some red, some yellow. We pull back the gigantic Sunflower leaves that hide our harvest and throw the split tomatoes back to the soil so they can produce healthier soil. I water the Sunflower and realize the daily routine with a smile. I feel like one of those bees that are doing their own harvesting of the pollen in the Sunflower, enjoying The Life with a Sunflower.



Evelyn said...

I have had sunflowers behind my garage (at the very back of my property) for many years now and they initially did incredibly well. They started moving all over the place and now they don't get very tall and have tried to get outside the fence.
I have to admit that they don't get very much water.
Oops ! ; )
The Castle Lady
Really like your bloggedy blog !
Your welcome to mine any time!

MarciaBrady said...

I love sunflowers!! I think they are so beautiful. I can't wait til I have a home where I can plant my own flowers and garden.

By the way...I have a new post up. All is well. I just had a mini-midlife crisis. :)

Martha said...

So beautiful, Thanks, Kalei.

The Rambler said...

Nice Kalei! You gotta take a fuller picture for me and post on our other blog. :)

Love you!