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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pre-Etsy Grand Opening Announcement!

I did my First Post on Etsy. I know I know...I haven't done the grand opening yet, but wanted to test the waters. I am still figuring things out but tell me what you all think of the first item and of the cost. Be Honest. I am using all of you as my marketing panel. It's my first time and I want to be fair and take all criticism positively. I checked out the Flat Rate and it would cost $10.00 to ship the blanket in the Origami I included that in the cost of the Blanket which I wanted to sell for $20.00....listed as 30.00 shipping included....or do you think I should list as 20.00 with 10.00 shipping? you get the drift.

Go Here to Check it out:

I have 8 more Items to post, but want to wait till the grand opening to do it.

Thanks for your input. I really value it.


Martha said...

It is a good value to me, I think it's wonderful especially for something handmade.
What are the dimensions of the baby blankets? I didn't see that on the site.
Thanks, Antibloggedy.

pam said...

I would say $30, shipping included. Don't you hate that the shipping is so much!!

Kristen said...

Include the dimensions. Perhaps a pic of the whole blanket. The price depends on the size of the blanket. Will it cover a toddler bed? I love the origami fold. Such a cute idea for presentation. One more suggestion. Iron the unfolded blanket. I realize the origami will create wrinkles. But they don't look good on the pic ( asked).

Congrats on your Etsy Shop! Best of luck :)

Lucy said...

What a pretty blanket! I could not find the size of the blanket? I always look for size, if that helps you.
I would stick with $30.00 shipping included.
Good Luck!

The Blonde Duck said...

I like $30 with shipping included.

Kalei said...

Thanks to all of you. You already have the cogs turning in my brain. I will make the changes before I post everything and I will add more images, also I will make sure each blanket is pressed....a lot of the issues with the image was because I had it squashed on the scanner so that you could see the exact print and colors without it being a surprise when it arrives. I will have to work on how it presents to the viewer objectively. Thanks for the critique!

日月神教-任我行 said...