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Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to Bake like a 2 year old...

First you mold the cookie. Then you push it out of the mold. Then you smash it! =)

These are the cookies I saved for the oven...only to "slightly" burn them
We still ate them...

Violet was too little to help....but not too little to beg for a taste! Yep! thats frosting!

I made this for the oven, but I went to help the baby and when I returned...It was smashed. Oh well, at least I took a picture of it, before it was destroyed.

And here is the video of Kai Kai baking her first batch of cookies! I finally had the guts to bust out the ingredients and make the mess (hint, turn the volume down due to high squeels from baby at beginning of video):

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Martha said...

Delightful and delicious! Your girls are so beautiful, thanks for sharing the pics.