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Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to make an Oragami Heart out of a Blanket.

Step 1.
Grab a Blanket. =)

Step 2.
Make sure your starting point is a Square. If you have a square blanket, thats great, but most are rectangles, and that what I had. Have it facing you like a Diamond.

My end result at the top of this post was made from this blanket folded down to a smaller square then the one in the demo. I used a larger square because it was easier to follow along and take pictures.

Step 3.
Take the point on the right of the Diamond and Bring it to the center of the square.

Step 4.
Take the left point of the Diamond and bring it all the way to the opposite edge....
Do NOT meet the two points together.
This will look like a Burrito....yummy, I, I love Burritos!

Step 5.
Take the Open end of the "Burrito" tip and Bring it past the right edge of the Burrito.
Look at the picture, it is hard to explain. =)

Step 6.
Do the same with the other end of the "Burrito" tip.
This will give you the heart Shaped design!

Now Like I said in step 2, I used a smaller square in the finished product. This gave me a tighter heart and I held it all together with some pretty ribbon.

The End!


Me said...

How cute is that! Love it! What a great way to give a blanket as a gift..or just remind someone that you love them! Thanks for sharing this!

Martha said...

This is so cute and what a beautiful quilt. I have to grab your button and all that for entries. Mahalo Mucho!!!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

How cool!!! I'm gonna have to try this.
BTW...I loved the little game of horse you won the other day on my blog. :)

Martha said...

I just updated my layout and put both your antibloggedly and 100th post buttons up. Thank you!