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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I don't have much to write about, so I will just post some pictures. A little bitter with work and some stuff at home is pissing me off.....Rambler, its all good you don't have to call me, I am just stewing on normal stuff.

So here are some pics of Rambler and I in the "old days", before the little baby sis came along, who by the way hardly ever reads my posts, so I don't think she will mind that she is not in any of these pics. I will devote a whole day to her later.

This is a picture of Rambler and I when we were living in Truk (Chuuk, now). I am on the right, she is on the left.

This is the infamous octopus fishing Rambler talked about in one of her posts recently. I am not in this photo. The women holding rambler is our Nanny, Kumiko who also happened to be native of Rarotonga..or was that truk? Rambler remembers better than I.

This is Rambler and I with Kumiko.....she was awesome, and my sis was such a good big sis to me, still is.

This was the picture I thought looked the most like me from my children. that is little violet on the right and me on the left. I still think she is cuter than me, but you can disagree if you want to....besides, she is smiling.=)

Peace OUttt!


The Rambler said...

Awesome....gonna post that octopus photo tomorrow :)

And Kumiko was from Truk.

God, that photo looks just like Violet or you or Violet or you. Not sure.

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Love those pics!
I glanced down to the bottom of the page and thought it odd that there were two pics of the same baby side by side. You really do look like your little girl! :)

Martha said...

You and Rambler are so beautiful, Violet is just precious, love the pics.

The Rambler said...

,,,,l;,,l ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

xoxo~Lil Rambler (fo' real)