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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay so I was a little bored....not that I didn't have anything to do today.
get to work at 5.45am
stay at work till almost 3pm
get home, change diapers
feed children
more diapers
is that poop on the ground? ewwww.
Clean up poop on the ground.
run to neighbors to talk about her car accident, see if she is okay.
read some blogs.
make some witty comments, thats how i roll. =)
think about ads on peoples pages, see one with something interesting.
click on it.
and that leads me to todays post:
A Makeover. Well not really, just a virtual one!
apparently I am giving up some free bloggy love their way, but it was pretty cool so it was worth it. It is free for the most part, you have to pay if you want to have "special" selections. I did all the free stuff.

Here are the different hairstyles I popped on my head:

I agree. I am not good as a blonde, but I always wanted to know.....good thing I went virtual and didn't really do it.

You can put accessories on like glasses, sunglasses, hairclips, lipgloss, blush....

Dear Rambler,
I know, I know. I don't wear makeup, nor do I do the girly makeover thing.
But in virtual Bloggy land you can do almost anything. I was just a little curious.

Maybe I will change....Probably not, I am not the changing type....although I did like the #7 do (jennifer hudsons hair-probably a wig)
Things I learned from this makeover:
Most Celebrities have fake hair.
Most Celebrities have crazy hairstyles, that only look good on the red carpet.
I don't look good as a blonde
I don't look good as a red head(at least not the ones I tried)
My forehead is smaller than most Celebrities.
I have a split face type: I thought I was an OVAL, but turns out I am that and Oblong rolled into one.
My complexion is definitely "yellowish" toned.
I may try out a "Bang look"
I really dig the short do....but I am a little skittish to cut off the hair that I grew while preggers....I kinda dig it. but, its time for a change?... I will tell you all if I do change it up, maybe just start with bangs.

One should never nit-pick themselves, its defeatist....I am kind of depressed....actually, no I am not, but I could get that way if I keep staring at my faults, So as always I will look at my strengths.


Me said...

Thats pretty cool. I think I might click over and check it out!

Juls said...

I think this is cute.... I agree #7 is awesome. :-)

The Rambler said...

AWESOME...I love the short do. ALOT! You'll look HOT, HOT, HOT.

Love ya.