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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I ask you for your help....for the 1st bday party....

I am having a 1st b-day at the end of March and Violet is turning the BIG 1!!!! Only, I am having trouble figuring out what exactly I want to do for it.
here is what my initial thoughts are:
1. Cupcakes with fondant animals on top
2. Dance Party theme, possibly with a disco ball and lights (I don't know about where to get that yet)
3. Having it at my house, just cause it is easier for me.
4. There will be more adults than children, and eventually there will only be adults as the kids will all fall asleep....this is how it goes down in my house! =)The kids that come will range from months to several years (a couple of 8-9yr olds too)

Thats all....I don't know about decorating(on a budget), what foods to select, and I want some music suggestions! Help a girl out! Whats your babies favorite dance song? I want to put together a compilation.... So send me your ideads. I will post my faves im another post!!!!



Martha said...

Happy Birthday to your Violet! It sounds like great ideas so far. Decorations can be simple, balloons and streamers are festive. Chips, dip, veggies, any simple entree, burgers, hot dogs, and you got yourself a party! Plus cupcakes and ice cream, Whoo Hoo! When my oldest was little he loved the oldies, Petula Clark's "Downtown".

distractinglybombastic said...

You are way more energetic about it it seems than I was with my boy Chas. What I did was make it mostly for adults and just take a bunch of pics. There weren't as many kids at Chas' because I don't know THAT many people with kids.

I think you have a good start. Don't stress out tho trying to make it perfect. Violet (which is a pretty name!) won't remember it after all.

(I'm writing a new blog this weekend - today or tomorrow as an update, fyi, sorry for not commenting in a long time, really busy)

Janna said...

Cupcakes are a great idea, that way there is no cake cutting to do. As far as food goes, the simpler the better... I did Pizza one year, and it was so stress free!

I usually get a banner and some streamers (you can buy personalized ones on the web that are really cute, and some mylar balloons.

It sounds like great ideas that you have, a dance party sounds fun.