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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yay Meeee! Gloating

So I would like to take the time to say some kind words about
Actually, I was honored to have met some really great people at some really great posts. In the process I got some Awards. Since it is all about me I will also show the awards I have recieved so far and then I will dedicate my own Ceremony to some really great peeps I have read along the way.

The Honest Award.....

**********************************************The Lemonade Award

I received the Honest Scrap and the Lemonade Awards from Meredith over at 24 Hours... She just got back from an amazing trip and has great giveaways. Check her out!

Here are the rules for these awards:

1). List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
*I am often sharing the size of a big boogie, my hrt shaped bruise on my bum, or Burping at work in front of get the drift. I am still pretty appropriate when necessary and only am inappropriate in front of people I like. lucky you.
**I lost a lot of blood in childbirth due to hemorrhaging that was left unnoticed and they thought i might have gone the other way, but it all turned out okay!...I mean, you're reading this, right? but because of the loss of blood I was extremely weak and had a hard time with Kai. I became depressed as soon as my mom left to go back to Hawai'i and I only felt better when my friends starting coming by....I felt guilty because of it, I didn't get to breast feed and I wished I had said some words to the hospital for sending me home way too soon.....On one end they saved me, on the other they spit me out.
***I believe I have seen my father 2 times since he passed. One, was the day he died, I saw him at my school waving at me(waving goodbye) when I ran over, he was gone, and I knew (the time was the time listed as the time of death). The other was when a friend was dying and I asked him(my dad) to help guide her to the otherside in a prayer, and he then showed himself to me smiled with understanding and left me and then she(my friend) appeared to me to me we exchanged some really great words (in a sort of dream, for both of them) than she left me after we said goodbye and I told her everything would be all right. When it was over, I got a call that she had died at the moment I had my encounter(she was in California and I was in Hawai'i)
****I had my first kiss when i was a pro-bicyclist named Jake.....***sigh*** he had nice eyes, he thought I was 5'6 when he was 6'2... i am actually 5'9....3 inches is a big difference when you are 18.....It didn't work out due to him being from California and me living in Hawai'i. If you're out there, reading this: Hey! Long time, Look! I have kids now.
*****I really do want world peace.
******I truly think the 3-10 second rule was created by moms like me: as long as food and ground are dry and there is nothing moving about and anything that is on the food item can be brushed off....and as long as you recognize the area you are in.....stipulations are always attached to this rule. I don't like to waste.
*******I do have a favorite sister, but I will not say it here....because of you know who listening in...(Rambler)......just kidding....did I tell you I am the funniest person in the world....
********I am often very fond of myself...I mean I am really quite a cool catch of a person. Check me out.....
*********Last one, I am just a joker, I do not really think I am THE coolest catch of a person, but I do think highly of myself, I do not have a favorite sister...I just said that because one of them reads my posts all the time, I don't feed my kids "dirty food" I use discretion on the 3 second rule....often it is because I am not quick enough to pull the dropped food from their hands and or mouths before they swallow it down.

The end on the Ten.
2). Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

my seven....who should take the award, but you don't have to do the 10 honest post, just be honest....I know a lot of you have these awards already....but if you don't....well here they are:
Lady with a view
That was Eight, but my sis doesn't really count. Just kidding again!


Thank you so much for supporting me in the bloglines


Martha said...

Thank you so much, I'm so honored. You Rock, you should totally gloat. I'm sending you a Virtual Shave Ice with your favorite toppings. Or would you prefer Lapper.t's?

Nana said...

Congrats on your awards. I loved the post. Awesome about your dad and your friend!!

Juls said...

OH MY! Thanks so much (it's like my first awards ever).... I can't wait to prepare & post my acceptance speech!! (i'm making too big of a deal out of this aren't I?) ...I can't help it...

Penz said...

Thank you love. I will do the Honest post...honest. :)

The Blonde Duck said...


The Rambler said...

Love love love it...

I watched a show on Mythbusters about the 3 second rule. You don't want to know the results.

Most Sincerely,

Your Favorite Sister :)

Janna said...

Thank you Thank you! I will be back to pick it up later! Congrats on your awards!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Thanks for sharing the stories about seeing your father. That is so cool that you have 'seen' him.
Thank you oh, so much for all of the prayers and kind words that you have left on my blog these past few days. They were a great source of comfort to me as I went through some of the hardest days of my life. :)