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Monday, April 13, 2009

I rummaged through some old photos.......

I was rummaging through some old negatives from when I was in college and was emmersed in photography and "that" way of life. Back then, the equipment was still heavy, the film cheap and the room and chemicles to develope at the school was free. I loved what I found:

Here are a three of my Favorites:

These Tulips were from "C" (yes, this was almost 11 years ago)...ouch!

I think the Golden Gate Bridge is the most Beautiful Bridge I have ever seen. It is truly Grand.

I wanted to show how diverse I was at the time. I did beautiful flowers, City-Scapes, People, Old Barns, tattoos... I even did a series of nudes that made a conservative student run out of the room.
Time for a Tangent?
No choice, here it is: The Series was Celestial and you could not tell the images were of the body.....the student raised his hand to volunteer to critique my work and kept talking about the one that had a "male-part" in it........called it his favorite from my series.........then the prof. asked me to share the details. that's when Mr. conservative stood up and walked out, never to be seen again!
-True story.
I felt horrible.
I will not be showing "that" photo here.
I was young and liked to make people squirm. =)

But I was still pretty sweet, innocent, and fun to be around....still am. =)



pam said...

Beautiful photography!!

Martha said...

Beautiful pictures, love the stories behind them.

Janna Bee said...

I LOVE the tattoo one- great contrast. I sometimes miss those days of the old cameras...

I bet those nudes are pretty interesting!

Cassie said...

Wonderful pictures! I think you should totally share that series on here! Ha

The Blonde Duck said...

That tattoo one is cool!

Kim said...

I love your pictures, but I have to admit, I am pretty curious to see that nude series and hear the story behind the "one".

RT said...

kalei you are so talented! Crafty! I love all three especially the bridge. Cant wait to see you soon!!!!

The Rambler said...

Oh sis...male parts?

blushing and giggling all at the same time :)

And your photos are BEAUTIFUL!

I wish I had been a better sister then and could have shared in supported you better at that time :)

Love ya.

Nana said...

Pretty pics. I think you should have show them all.

As for the stinky pants. I don't know why we have to smell everything either.

Jo said...

Those are beautiful! I wanted to stop by and say thank you for providing an item for the aution over at SITS, those cards are so cute!