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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Antibloggedy, from Winter

Dear Antibloggedy,

In reviewing your Dear Winter letter you sent back in November I am sorry to say I was not able to meet all of your requests. There were a few "strong and anger filled days" and that could not be helped....I could have been worse. I appreciate that your daughter likes to play with me.....I don't often get kind compliments like that. However, your request to play with Spring is one that makes me a little disappointed and envious of Springs popularity. I do receive many letters of requests from all around the world and they are all normally asking me to leave. Unfortunately this can put a damper on things and I often get a little depressed and teary-eyed (or Teary-clouded) due to all of the hate mail and the lack of interest in MY season, especially from people in your area. This is why I felt it necessary to dump a few extra feet of snow on you after Spring came in with a few weeks of "nice" weather.... "Whatever-it was worth it!". I feel that I was more than fair this season and did go easy on YOU. I look forward to meeting with you again in about 9 months time. I hope that your willingness to hang out with me changes to one of excitement rather than contempt. As for your daughter, she was fun to play with and I enjoyed the snow fight and snow Angel.


My Letter to Winter, November 2008:
Dear Winter,
Okay, so I know we had it easy the last 3 years, but that is no excuse for making it harder on us, or for increasing the volume of your snow storms. I know Kai would love to play with you, but only for a little while, she might catch Pneumonia. I was wondering if you would invite spring to come play with us in January or early February? Also, those Icy roads are killers to my drive to and from work, so maybe you wanna make a deal? I say we nix the icy and stay with fluffy. This would be the happy compromise. don't you think? We will see. thanks for reading my request.

the antibloggedy


The Blonde Duck said...

At least Winter responded!

The Rambler said...

Dear Antibloggedy,

Move back home.



Janna Bee said...

This is cute! Now I know why we got snow. I feel better now.

Martha said...

I hope Winter follows your suggestions.