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Donate Blood
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Friday, April 10, 2009

SITS Charity Auction for MOM IT FORWARD

Here is the details:....well go here, I don't have enough energy to re-type it (kids are jumping on me and setting off explosions throughout the house). April 17th and 18th (friday, saturday)

I have an auction item that I am putting in the pot. If you remember back in december I did a Pack of Note Cards for prizes. I am again including this HOMEMADE item in for the MOM IT FORWARD non-profit (go here to check them out at I am thinking about adding it to the Etsy shop, which is a little behind schedule. =) you can check out what I got started at The actual grand opening will happen once I have about 10 items to post. There will be a few different crafty items on there, but wait for that coming up soon.

Thanks to SITS for doing something to encourage giving and for giving me the oppurtunity to help with this worthy cause. MOM IT FORWARD is really an inspiration....(that is my word of the year, BTW)

Mahalo Nui Loa,


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