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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday. Wow, so many things to say about my first experience. I did not attend the frenzied Best Buy line that started as early as 6am thanksgiving day in some locations. I decided instead to purchase the TV later. We did end up getting the one we wanted this evening without any stress or lines....good thing I didn't waste my time in the cold outdoors. Instead I decided to go to the 666Mart (yes they are partnered with the Devil, how else can they give us such deals?!) I went to get one of the Digital "things" and they had all the deals wrapped in plastic, with associate assigned to man the product until 5am then they cut the plastic and duck out of sight. This sort of system is not suggested for those with Claustrophobia, or serious social issues. I am extremely satisfied with the deals I received.
Serious notation: I would like to acknowledge the people who lost their lives today, due to frenzied mentality and poor orchestration of the events hosted. There are mentions of several shootings, a stabbing (by a women with her kids!), and Trampling injuries and death. No amount of discount is worth all of this.



The Rambler said...

Agreed! A cheaper discount for someone's life...that's ridiculous. I feel so bad for their families.

Martha said...

I am horrifed by the violence, hate shopping in a crowd anytime of year.