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Sunday, November 23, 2008

a celebration with friends....and family

I truly am a blessed person. I have moved 3000 miles away from home, yet have found a family here in Pennsylvania. Now, I don't mean that I have replaced my family in any way, as I love my family of my blood...they are always top in my heart. But, the bonds that have been created in my life are so wonderful and I truly love those that are a part of my life, today. The snapshot above is at my home in Pennsylvania, and my friends, as stated in my about me, are unique, and "more smarter" than me people, open minded, and wonderful. I am glad they were able to attend the celebration. Oh, and by the way, Congrats to Dave and Matt on the 30th bday! There is suspense out there and I am going to allow my sister "the Rambler" make the announcement. All I can say is this is the month for Celebrating Thanks and good tidings and my family is truly special. Mom, I love you and am so happy for you. And sis, tell them already!

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Martha said...

Great picture, oooh, I love suspense, hoping it's great news??
As always, thanks for your great comments on my blog.