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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bloggedy Blog Blog

So I am inspired by my first sisters commitment to the blogger aka: The Rambler and have found myself interested, humored, and wanting. What is a bloggedy blog blog? you ask, well its that feeling you have when you just have to let the world know what you think and you await anxiously for a reply. I was doing it this week with out even knowing it. I found myself on that "you" "tube" and I was replying to comments made viciously about others, or ignorant comments or justifying someone elses rants. I found myself defending people I did not know and supporting the underdog, of what? I didn't know. So then when I finally put in my comments and waited anxiously for an answer, none came! what a let down. What I really wanted was a bloggedy blog blog....The Bloggedy blog blog! I wanted to say something, wanted others to see it and comment on it then I wanted to say something back....Only rule, you can only say something back if someone says something in the first place. hint hint=)


The Rambler said...

Yeah, Yeah!!!! So stoked you have a bloggedy Blog Blog :) I love you immensely and you have no idea how much I appreciate you reading what I have to say and commenting on how it makes you feel. I LOVE YOU LIL SIS or as you will be known on my blog as FLS...did you read that one?

Kalei said...

yes i read it....what is fls: "first lil sis? I am a smarty some times!