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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Thanksgiving....

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good thanks giving, Thank you very much! Here is my Thank you's for this year:

1. January-Thankyou for my birthday celebration with was a nice dinner, and I am happy everyone could make it. I am adding a note from my grandfather, from 1992....I miss you Tutu and Ama also.
2. February- Thank you for the special "just you and me" time with little Kai. I know she won't remember it, but we got to enjoy it before the baby arrived.

3. March (a big one) Thank you to Dr. Deitric for bringing me my little angle safely into this world with a lot of humor and good spirits to pass around. Thank you taking into consideration all of my worries about "the last time" Thank you for taking good care of me also, so that I could be there for the little ones. Thank you for Kai and her patience with me during the new sibling transition. Thank you for my new computer and the great deal I got (I have a really "thrifty" friend who knows how to shop, thank goodness.) Because of how well this day worked out, I would recommend every pregnant women get a computer, the day before giving birth.
4. April Thank you for bringing my family to me. Rambler, little Rambler, mom, and Youngest Sis were the best gift a girl could've wanted. Us three siblings together to celebrate a new sibling to kai.....I hope they have as much love for each other, as we do.

5. May Thank you for Chas, who is always has the most patience for a girl who can be pretty A.D.D. and quite unorganized. Thank you for working on the house during all of the months of the year to give us a home to call Home. =)This is also our Anniversary month...this year was 10 years for us. This is part of a letter he wrote to me, Really beautiful, this is only a section of the image.
6. June Where did this month go? I think this was the month of fathers day. Thank you to Chas for being a great dad to the girls. also, thank you to my own dad, who's spirit is always with us. Thank you also for all the perfect days that allowed us to swim at Dave and Renee's. The girls will always love swimming because of D and R. =)
7. July Thank you for those little trips like the one I took to mellon park with the girls and with beautiful Sophie and Heather. It was nice to sit on the grass and listen to great music. I think Kai enjoyed it more though as she ran around that park till I was too tired to stay a moment longer.
8. August Thank you for C's Gramma S(girls great gramma). she is a bright light in a dark room. She is truly lovely and welcoming. Thank you for loving the girls so much. This is when she first laid eyes on little Violet.

9. September Thank you for Kai. Thank you for her 2nd birthday. Thank you for all the friends that came to enjoy it with us. Thank you for all the gifts for her.....thank you for her. Thank you for the Terrible two's, it keeps me on my toes.
10. October Thank you for Halloween. thank you for celebrating with Heather and Eric and Sophie. The girls were so great in their little costumes-Kai was a monkey, Violet a Skunk, and Sophie was a Turtle.......and thank you for this blog. It has brought me closer to my FBS Uber awesome.
11. november: Thanks to thanksgiving. But also thank you for Learning. Kai pooped in the potty this month, Violet Stood up and Barack Obama was elected the next president of the United States....Pretty great month. and ohhh kai just said "Thank you mama" , so thank you for giving me great polite kids.
12.December. Thank you for the things to come, for giving me a life that allows me to look forward to the future, that desire to see a great future, and to see the kids grow into such wonderful women.

There were so many more Happy thanks to give, but not enough time in a day to list it. So thank you to my family, Chas's family our friends and also those who we fight....they make for good stories to share. Thank you to all those that think me valid enough to read my blog.

Thanks for reading!
Happy Thanksgiving


Martha said...

Great list, love the picture of Great Grandma.

Dots said...

Very nice post, Kalei.

The Rambler said...

nicely written! I loved Tutu's letter. That brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad that you treasured those years better than I did. I could kick my teenage self for all the things I should be locking away in a hope chest but don't.

If you put up a letter from Dad, I'll start bawling!

I am thankful that God has allowed you and I to reconnect the way sisters are supposed to. I am so proud and blessed to call you my sis!