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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday.....hmmmmmm?!

If you are even contemplating participating in the festivities, then don't forget to get the special Thursday will have all the deals, also look online starting at midnight for the black friday online presales....Ohh and stay out of my way! =)

The anticipation of it all! I have a feeling it will be a big let down, but you have to try everything at least once, right? I found myself delaying most purchases till Friday, with the hopes that "it or something comparable" will be on sale and not just on sale, but at rock bottom-below cost prices....even if I couldn't possibly be stretched in that many purchasing directions how can I be at the ***Mart and also at Best Buy at or before they open...(we will be in line around 1-2 am) In actuality the products are probably good deals, but they make the money back on the add-ons that we buy. Oh I just saved $30 on this Digital picture frame, I just need to get a flash card for it....maybe some wrapping paper, tape and oooooh, that dress is pretty, "its perfect!"..."WHAT! this is the only thing in this place that isn't on sale?! Ohhhhh, but its the last in my size and someone else may take it......$30 overpriced and you only have two-five things in the cart. what a bummer. I have to be agressive and stick to the plan, if its not what I went there for, put it in the cart and think about it, till you get to the check out, then hide it behind the really expensive thing over there that isn't on sale with hopes to have a chance to change your mind once you leave the store.

That won't stop me though, I am set on getting an LCD HDTV from Best Buy. I know Circuit City is going out of business, but that means I can wait to go there for a couple of days and still get a deal. They will have to get rid of their stock. We have a G.C. for Best buy from a return we did on another TV after it broke and they couldn't fix it (get the protection plan! saved us $700!) That is the other reason I will not purchase something really expensive from Circuit city.....what if it breaks....SOL!

good luck for all those on a mission and humor me to all those sitting in their warm cozy beds laughing at me sitting on the cold sidewalk.=)...maybe get me a hot cocao.

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Martha said...

I will be getting you a Hot cocoa. I am not a fan of crowds or waiting, so thank goodness for online shopping.