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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saying Good bye to Fall

Today was the first real snowfall in my area, as I wrote in the preceding blog.
I have been watching the progress of the neighbors tree. It struggles to hold on to its last few leaves and I am in awe of the process. I am anticipating the last leaf, and wondering if I will see it fall. My daughter ran through the leaves and threw them in the air this year, something new to her. It makes me love fall so much more than I did before. I see it can be truly fun and interactive. I grew up in a climate that never changed, though lovely in its own right, this is such a process. I wonder if my daughter will still love to play in the fall next year. I hope she always finds that sense of amusement in every season. Good bye fall, see you next year.

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PopCloud said...

Fall is actually my favorite season. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, but fall is just perfect...