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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Pittsburgh misplaced its H and got it back again.....

Did you know Pittsburgh lost its' H?! There are other pittsburg's and in fact I lived in Pittsburg California (east bay-San Francisco). The thing that makes this place so unique is the H. Back in 1890 till 1911 for a period of about 20 years the H was removed. The out-cry from the public who adored the beloved H took a couple decades to convince "the man" to give it back.
In a campaign to restore order to town names, the Board of Geographic names dropped the H from every city and town ending in "burgh". They thought it would restore order and reduce confusion from multiple places having the same name, but different spelling. "they" wanted uniformity across the nation. They didn't realize how stubborn and strong the pittsburgh people can be. =)

The Other Pittsburgs (found here)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is not the only Pittsburg in the nation. There's even a tiny town in North Dakota that spells it with the "h"! Other Pittsburg(h)s in America include:
  • Pittsburg, California - Contra Costa County
  • Pittsburg, Colorado - Gunnison County
  • Pittsburg, Florida - Polk County
  • Pittsburg, Georgia - DeKalb County
  • Pittsburg, Illinois - Fayette County
  • Pittsburg, Illinois - Williamson County
  • Pittsburg, Indiana - Carroll County
  • Pittsburg, Iowa - Van Buren County
  • Pittsburg, Kansas - Crawford County
  • Pittsburg, Kentucky - Laurel County
  • Pittsburg, Michigan - Shiawassee County
  • Pittsburg, Missouri - Hickory County
  • Pittsburg, New Hampshire - Coos County
  • Pittsburg, Oklahoma - Pittsburg County
  • Pittsburg, Oregon - Columbia County
  • Pittsburg, South Carolina - Greenwood County
  • Pittsburg, Texas - Camp County
  • Pittsburg, Utah - Piute County
  • Pittsburgh, North Dakota - Pembina County
Congratulations to Pittsburgh for finding its H and restoring sanity to the ridiculous.

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Martha said...

Who knew there were so many Pittsburgs? or is it Pittsburghs?
Did you know there is a Springfield in every state of the US (except maybe Alaska and Hawaii, not sure about those...)