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Saturday, November 29, 2008

777...FLS at her place

Welcome everyone....glad you made it!

My name is Rambler (you know anonymity is so the thing these days) and I live on the second floor...joke. Anywho, FLS is my kid sis and new to the blog thing and we decided it would be fun to have people who are reading ME (the Rambler) to read me in a different place.

I'd like to intro you to my first little sis (FLS *wink*). She is an amazing person who I've just recently realized is not 8 anymore, but 30 (oops, sorry), a mother, and a smart intelligent human being (of course NOT as smart and intelligent as myself, it's so true). The good genes run in the family I guess. :)

So of course, she's doing one of my interviews.....

Thank you Antibloggedy sis.

My FLS...

1. Would you say I'm the best big sister EVER?

I would not. She's not big by any means. She's pretty remarkable though. :)

**Aww, thanks sis! Even if I feel like Fat Bastard you make me still feel pretty.

2. What's your favorite memory of me?

I think that in general Rambler and I have shared a whole childhood of memories that are all pretty "fave". We shared a lot of experiences. When She and I lived in Rarotonga we were playing on the beach and the rock pier leading away from the hotel our father managed. I remember (a little bit distorted, due to my young age) when I hurt my heel of my foot. It was bleeding and I was in a lot of pain. So my sis carried me to the shore and to get me help. This is the same motherly assistance she gives to me and our second lil sis to this day.

**You know. I totally forgot about that until now. That was the story of our relationship. Pick on each other til the bell rang, but when the black clouds came around I always wanted to make sure you were covered. Heart YOU!

3. If you learned ANYTHING from her, what would that be?

The art of competition. Well I don't know if that was her doing, but I definitely compete with her, even if she is not competing back. =) I am still the champ in "connect four"

**Come on! Seriously. You wanna go again? I'll prove that you suck and I don't! :)

4.Would you say you have a competitive relationship?

Read the above note. Yes. I always win and am always right and all good things that happen to us are my fault. I will also take credit for Little Rambler being so great.

**You can't help but laugh at your lunaticness...(wink)

5. Describe your sister in ONE word?


**I don't know what you are talking.....HEY, there's only ONE ice cube in my triple soy vanilla latte no foam. I wanted TWO...about. I mean I'm soooo not a diva!

6. If you were cars, what would you both be?

She would be a slow moving, air bag holding, gramma car. I would be a race car. =)

***Oh yah, I bet my slow moving, air bag holding gramma car can beat yours ANYDAY! I'm the turtle baby and your the hare. You know how that story ended?!

7. A way to prevent snoring? Created by you and sis? What would it be and what would you both name it? And would it be dedicated to anyone in particular (wink)?

it is called The Suffocate, Resuscitate, and Bolt Method. You hold all air passage till the snoring person gags, then remove and bolt out of view. This method has been used in many a noisy nights and has been adopted recently by the Survivors of Snoring Group in North America (SSGNA) dedicated to Mom's everywhere. They are hoping to open 1 new chapter in every state before the end of 2009. This is also part of the Pres-Elect Obama economic stimulus package that will allow people to get better sleep so they can make it to work on time, there-fore allowing them to keep their jobs.

**LOL. You think Mom will kill us? Well, she's stepdad's problem now :) hehe, we love you Mom.

Well, one more day and my 777 series is over. I hope you enjoyed my sisters home for a bit. If you like she loves loves meeting new (bloggy) friends. :) Stay a while, make friends...but don't forget about me?!! (just a smite insecure)

FLS...thank you for hosting today's post. I love you more ways than you can count.

YOU were my first best friend!


Martha said...

Funny post, I see good humor runs in your family.

Kalei said...

Wow, sis, great post. Your lil sis, I mean me, seems pretty funny, cool, interesting and all sorts of great. Pat on back to me once again! =)

Kalei said...

two more things...I am totally the victor when it comes to connect four and I would totally beat you in a car race....your butt would be checking the tail lights to make sure they work while I would be past the finish line. =)

Maki said...

Very clever.... :)

The Rambler said...

Thanks sis!

Are you doing the SITSmas blog thing today?