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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deep Fried Ice Cream! Yummy!

Today I decided I would attempt to make some deep fried Ice Cream! It is a bit of a heat wave (wave because it is 5 whole days without rain with temps in the high 80's! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of you and I hope that you are able to make this hot yet cool treat!

Scoop of Ice Cream (preferable a vanilla, french vanilla variation)
Mixture of Cinnamon and Sugar (equal parts) in bowl
1/2 to 1 cup of crushed corn flakes (variations use cookies or other crushed treats)
Oil in pot deep enough to submerge ice cream or Deep Fryer

Scoop your Ice Cream and Roll in the Cinnamon Sugar then roll in the crushed corn flakes (make sure the ice cream is coated thoroughly (no ice cream showing) then put back in freezer to harden. Heat Oil to around 375 degrees. or Medium-low Heat (not too hot). Dip Ice Cream in Oil for about 5 seconds, Drain and Place in Bowl to begin eating! Top with Whip Cream or Honey or Chocolate or Caramel if desired! Enjoy this Recipe! The cold core of the Ice cream keeps it from melting as you fry it.

Warning! Make sure the Ice cream is coated thoroughly and that you have the ice cream re-freezed to drop the core temperature. This is important as to keep the oil from reacting to the cold ice cream and causing flames. I just wanted to make sure this was mentioned. Be really cautious anytime you fry anything. In the event of flames keep a large lid nearby and make sure you do not have anything flamable next to the stove.

There are variations that include egg. I for one like to keep my eggs and Ice Cream separate.

Thanks for reading!

The picture above is borrowed from another site, since my camera is missing (yikes!), but the image is about the same.


Martha said...

That looks wonderful, truly Yummy.

Sammy said...

Yum!!! I always wanted to make deep fried ice cream.

....Petty Witter said...

Sounds strange but it works, a great dish on a hot day. We fry a lot of things here in the north east of England, chocolate included.

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Evelyn said...

Okay, you didn't mention that it's about 3,000 calories per bite but all is forgiven if this comes out right. Deep frying anything is always dangerous. I've gotten burned from throwing frozen potatoes into a deep fryer. Word to the wise~ watch that flying grease by covering yourself or standing well away from the fryer.
The Castle Lady

Janna Bee said...

Yum! Can you send me some?

Krissy said...

i'm definitely gonna have to try it!!!