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Monday, June 7, 2010

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation

I was web surfing today and found myself reading the Pepsi REFRESH project page. This started as an idea to put charitable funds into the hands of the people who drink pepsi and to give those people the power to vote on recipients of large dollar gift. The idea is genius! One such recipient of $250,000 was awarded to someone here in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania (Erie, PA) based Foundation is Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. John Kanzius, the Founder of the invention that uses Radio Wave technology combined with nano particles to attack cancer cells without use of surgery, chemotherapy, Radiation, and other invasive techniques and medication. Watch the video below to see the full explanation yourself.
With Cancer being something that has effected my family closely I am awed by the innovations that are currently being investigated. While the Radio Wave project is in its early process the preliminary findings are promising. The more we allow ourselves to support these projects to the degree that they can become fully funded the more we can eliminate the diseases that we are passionate about. I am hopeful about this research. I am hopeful that since the family medical history I have also gives a higher risk to my children I want them to find choices and options out there that do not leave one feeling defeated before starting to fight.

If you find yourself wanting to gift a donation, donate in memory of or to leave a general donation you can do so here.


Jason said...

I work for PepsiCo :-P

Well, FritoLay, but it's all the same company.

Good post - thanks for the info !

....Petty Witter said...

A wonderful ides indeed. Having lost several family members and friends to cancer it saddens me that there are so many drugs out there that the English government cannot afford to allow doctors to prescribe. Then again at least we are better off than many other countries who are not as fortunate to have such a good health service.