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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Lost Lady Bug Project......

The Lost Lady Bug Project is now in its 3rd year and they have just put out their first annual newsletter. This is a great campaign of science trying to find the lost lady bugs out in the world and classify them and figure out which ones are becoming extinct or being pushed out of their natural habitats. or which ones are doing just fine where they belong. Check the page out!

Its a fun project for the kids! All you need to do is photograph your local ladybugs where-ever they may be; on a leaf, a shoulder, or in the hand of your little munchkin.....better yet, let your little one capture the photograph for you. You can go in groups on a day hike or just on your lonesome for a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood. The point is to get that picture and download it for science sake! They will tell you what your lady bug species is and you might even get your picture featured on the site! (no promises.) All they ask is where your location is and the time and date and year. Voila! Done!

There is an entire page devoted to the kids and how to find the bugs. so have a great summer and happy fourth of July! Hoorah for independence!

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