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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nasty Dancing.....a scared moms tale....

I was privy to work a catering assignment for a 18th Birthday Party Last night. The Party was for a group of 250-300 High School Seniors and a few older teens. To our knowledge most or all of them were 18 and over......(not really sure about that). The party took place in a world famous Museum that I will not name here. To the parent of the Birthday girl I believed they had a vision of how this would go and that mark was missed in so many ways.

*****Disclaimer: Adult Content is listed below******* Please only read if you are 18+ *****

The first amazement and dare I show my age and say it: "SHOCK" I had was that this group of young adults were wearing "barely there" "clubbing" clothing on.

When I say barely there, I am talking 40% of the body is covered and not in the places it should. One girl had a string bikini with a skirt on and another had a dress with a zipper the full length of the front of the dress and had it unzipped so her bra was partially exposed....and on and on.

The next shock to my system was the immediate realization that they were sneaking sums of alcohol into the location and we were working with the security and the staff of the space to confiscate the contraband in record time while still trying to facilitate our own assignments.

The most Shocking was the fact that upon arrival many of the youth were already really messed up, I am talking drunk, high, and on hard substances. The level of danger associated with this party just kept getting more and more disturbing.

The Club music that began to play with the live D.J. had the kids locate to the dance floor. (By the way, at this age kids tend to stay in "Schools" like fish.) They were all on the dance floor or all at the beverage station.....and then a few would try to sneak off to do "bad" things. The parents chaperoning the event shocked the staff as they turned a blind eye to much of the goings ons until the evening was almost over! Back to the Dancing....

I came around the corner to collect glasses and saw a flash of skin in the corner of my eye.....a young man had is hands wrapped around the hips of a young girl who was grinding her back side into the front side of the young male as he continued to lift her dress up so I could see her underwear. This was a common occurrence in the large group of dancers, some with a much higher degree of violation. I felt like there was a car accident I was witnessing in slow motion only the two parties who knew they would crash had no clue as to the degree of damage that might be done nor did they care. They were 18 and my job was with the food not the security. I wanted to go over there so badly and take them by the ear to a chair and lecture them on discreet behavior! And I am only 32!

I passed through a group of boys 2 of which were telling a 3rd that one of the girls said she would "nasty dance" with him. So they went over to her and she did. The girls weren't doing this dancing style with one guy they would shift from dancer to dancer not having any respect for themselves or realization that they were in view of so many others that could see this lack of respect upon their own parents, the establishment (which has a high reputation), and each other.

As the night drew to an end there were many that were escorted to the safety of their parents(who were called) throughout the night as they were kicked out for intoxication or illegal behavior. Then to the final shut down with a couple of kids becoming agitated that the booty shaking came to an end so quickly that they KICKED OUT THE FRONT GLASS DOORS TO THE MUSEUM!!!! I wouldn't be surprised if the damage makes the morning news! Yikes! The mother is mortified by the behavior and could not wait to get out of there. I believe she is in the "art community" and will have her dirty dance party blasted through out the rumor mill for months to come.

I am most disgusted by the lack of planning that went on by the parental groups and the lack of monitoring that happened early on. Much of the behavior could have been managed had the people who were in charge made a stronger stand to do the right thing by these young kids. I wanted to share this as I feel I have had an unwelcome witnessing to something that is more common then we allow ourselves to believe. These kids are part of a very high society group with parents that are very respectable and hold very good jobs. These are the kids that will be our architects, doctors, and Role models. These kids are the popular kids. I am not saying every party will be like this, but many parties are like this one with secret stashes of alcohol, drugs, and a desire to bring boys to a sexual frenzy. Beware and make sure you are talking to your kids about this. Half the kids there, looked so cute and sweet, they were polite.....but in the "school" they followed the leader and the leader had a lot of bad ideas. I only hope that each one made it home safely tonight.

I also didn't want this post to turn into a preaching session or a judgmental post. I only feel that the sex, drugs and alcohol problem has begun much sooner and with kids that are more vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

I am a worried mom hoping that the discreet victorian age will become the new fad of my kids generation (who are now 2 and 3). Could you imagine the teens saying to you "I wouldn't be caught dead in that half dress, I will only wear a full length dress with a chastity belt please." ...."and thank you" I can dream can't I?! *sigh*



Martha said...

I went to a wedding two years ago which was like a drunken strip tease. Its disgusting.
On the other hand, we hosted our son's 15th birthday party at the house and the kids were polite as were the teens at the Winter formal which I chaperoned. You are so right that parents have to keep a firm level of control.

....Petty Witter said...

Not judgemental at all, you certainly have a point.

Jason said...

I think it's sad, and I'm glad actually that you bring it up. I made the mistake, several years ago, of going to a house party on campus here as a "designated driver" for two co-workers. Won't be doing that again.

Oh, and this: "I am a worried mom hoping that the discreet victorian age will become the new fad of my kids generation"

LOL - I've actually had that exact same thought. I thought I was the only one.

Keep the good stuff coming, Kalei!

The Rambler said...

Keeping fingers crossed our daughters will be part of the Victorian Age FAD!! Love you sis! Good post!!