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Saturday, May 22, 2010

NYT: California's 3 strike law in question....

After being a California Resident for 7 years I have had nightmares of this law putting someone I knew or loved behind bars for a lengthy amount of time for silly misdemeanors. I feel there should be some room for interpretation to the law and an allowance for review from case to case and type of crime. Instead of 3 strikes make it a repeat offender law. I knew people who were addicted to drugs when I worked in the restaurant industry and this is the group that worries me. People who are addicted don't have a sensible thoughts about what the law is or how many strikes they might have. I don't actually know anyone arrested in California.....but what if it was someone you knew? It seems that the law is made by people towards individuals they know nothing about. Its okay if you put Jane Doe in prison for life, because you don't know her. There is a sense that this may fall under "cruel and unusual punishment". What's your thoughts on this law?


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Martha said...

3 strikes is a mess in its reality, reflective of the problems w/the prisons and our drug laws as a whole.