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Friday, December 5, 2008

Now. What Perfect Moment have you recently been aware of?

I was looking at Martha's post and found a link to a perfect moment. I liked the idea of her last post, which was pretty much adopting the idea of recognizing a perfect moment in your day(mondays for her, but I choose today). I have been having a pretty rough week and it seemed like all was lost until I thought of "the perfect moment" today.

I was doing Accounting/administrative stuff for the restaurant I work for and came out of my office to see a server was taking a birthday dessert to a table. I asked if he needed someone to sing with him and then gathered a small group. (It is common for people to grunt objectively at this request.) When we arrived at the table though it turned out quite different. It looked like a single mother with her young son who was 5 today, his name was Jonathan. He beamed at the spectacle before him and was so excited about his dessert with the candle. He blew out the candle and looked at his mother appreciatively. The perfect moment was the joy in his mothers eyes to see him so happy. and it was also perfect when we all parted from the table and I had let go of anything that was bothering me at that moment. so Happy Birthday to Jonathan...and thank you Lori for making me smile at the end of a hectic week, you reminded me that there are more important things to realize in life.



Martha said...

Thank you, you made my day. What a delightful story and you made this birthday really special for that child, what a blessing.
Thank you for joining the Perfect Moments, I'm privileged. Thank you also for your nice comment on my blog and playing along, cool sentence you came up there...

Lori said...

I'm so glad you shared this. Now I also got to have a perfect moment on a Friday.

What a lovely scene you describe, and it captures the intent of Perfect Moments so perfectly.

Penz said...

You really added alot of perspective to my own day. I guess in it all with life, if we open our eyes, hearts, and minds, everyday we can see and share a perfect moment..