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Donate Blood
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 15th count week away to the giveaway!

go to the giveaway here

I was thinking I should really tone it down a little, as maybe my Butt pic isn't the first thing someone wants to see when they are stopping by. I decided to make a mention of my intentions for next week Monday, December 15th, but I won't give away too much! With Perfect Moments and Random Acts I have decided I don't want to wait for something to happen, I want to make it happen. So With that in mind I will be hosting an Event to Raise a little bit of $ for a Charity. All I can say is My dear friend Dave's Son Jake (8 yrs old) is so sweet and inspirational, how can you not come to check it out and his cause?

There will be 5 gifts handed out to the first 5 donors/participants and it is a really great gift that I am offering to send as a gift to someone you love before christmas, or to keep for yourself. What is it you ask!?....You will have to come back on Dec 15th to find out...... =) How devious of me! There is a reason though, and you'll enjoy, I have to get those gifts together for shipping!

Thank you to SITS for the mention. Here are the links to the next few posts, they have some extra hints about the event:
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and if you are visiting and it is monday. Click here for the most recent post that will take you to the giveaway

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Martha said...

I'm in, I can't resist a man in uniform, especially an adorable cubscout.

Kalei said...

Thanks Martha, You are always to great to participate in my blogs! love you!

Penz said...

I'll be waiting with bells on love..bring on the prizes.. :)

angi_b72 said...

cute little boy!