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Friday, December 12, 2008

A letter to My Daughters....... come back monday for the giveaway...

Giveaway, is on the otherside of the weekend!
I am often visiting Martha and she has a great post on mourning. Her post got me to thinking about what I will write now. A letter to my sisters, from my father, if he were here to express himself so instead he will write through me:

Dear "Rambler" and "LBS",
I know I have not always made the best decisions in my life, at least not that you can remember. I do remember a time that I made some really great ones though. They are the moments that led me to your mom, and eventually to you girls. There was the excitement I felt when I became a dad for the first time, I was a little scared, but your mom was always so confident in that department, your grandmother made sure of that. Your Ama and Tutu couldn't stop beaming at your crazy curly hair, and you were popular from the start, I think that was from me. Then came "Antibloggedy", and wow, what a change for our life from one to two....But Rambler, you were ready. You protected her from the start, "my First Little Sis" you seemed to state, everywhere you would take her. You let her do a lot to you: ride your back like a horsey, follow you where ever you went, just hang out. The two of you were inseparable...sharing were each others very first friends. How are the two of you doing now?

Antibloggedy talks to me often, and she tells me of how special the two of you are. She tells me that my granddaughters are so beautiful and so sweet. I hear Little Rambler is just like know us forever with a wink and a smile. I am sorry I was not there with you to hold your hand, I probably would have fainted anyway. The thing is, I was there. I was there at your wedding, when the weather was as perfect as it could possibly be. I was there on your graduation day. I was there all the time, you just could not see me. Kai and little Violet are truly a vision, and I hear the littlest looks a lot like me....she will be a trouble maker for the boys.....And this goes for all of them. Please tell them to go after the good boys. Don't go for the ones like me...

FLS, you have grown so much since that little girl with the pony tail that stuck straight up in the air. You were beautiful then, and you are a knock out now.....Tell Aka to take good care of my little girl. I was there to all those times you succeeded at life, and there is a lot of times you shined. You are still shining and I never have to worry about you doing well. I know we didn't have much time, but I already knew from the start you were in the best possible care with your mother. She always put you girls first, I would never deny her the title of the best possible mom. I know you are doing well and hope you know you can always speak to me, even if I don't speak back. You should begin to write again, your poetry to me was something to hold with pride. Never let go of that gift of words.

There are so many days I wish I could hold you all in my arms. I wish for you to be strong, independent and selfless, with out forgetting to take care of your self. I am in a good place, and with good people. Your Tutu and Ama are here singing songs with me, and we are laughing all the time at my jokes and Tutu's Stories.


The Rambler said...

Blowing nose really hard, using my shirt to wipe the ocean of tears that have just blasted out of my eyeballs.

I needed this today....Thank you. I love you. Always FLS!

Martha said...

Thank you, this is so beautiful.
You have given yourself, your family, me, and the other bloggers a gift. ((Hugs))
Yes, your dad is always with you and your sister.

distractinglybombastic said...

First of all, I didn;t know you were Rambler's sister, that makes sense now, ok.

First of all let me say I don;t even know your situation and that was just realyl cool to read, and of course it made you feel good writing it.

Thank you!

I might write something along these lines in the future,

Penz said...

Beautiful. You speak words in that letter than many little girls, as children and adults want to hear from their fathers. :) you are awesome and I am sure he is very proud of your letter.