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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mother Teresa would be proud...

That last post was such a downer, so I will pep things up with something I call, The Mother Teresa would be proud award. What is this you ask? Well it is the notion that there are people that do things for others out there, without asking for anything in return. The things they do help to heal, guide, or assist. Let me know who you have encountered that should receive this honor. So far I know of three: Lori, your work with adoptions is inspirational, and To Write their names in the sand does a great job with the healing process for those who have lost their young ones. And to the Sits gang Heather and Tiffany who have developed such a great concept that allows others to share their great writings and services. I am constantly inspired and amazed by people I cross. Thank you for your services and good luck in your causes.

As you all may have guessed, I am not very "blog-technical" So I have no badge to hand out, just my thanks and the picture I created at the top of the page. Let me know if you have a suggestion on how to "hand-out" award mentions or Thank you's.



Martha said...

I love it, what a delightful idea. Thanks so much.

Lori said...

Oh, Kalei, I am so honored! This is a wonderful idea, and you've chosen a beautiful image to go with your warm message.

Off to check out the other awardees. I am so flattered to be included.

TuTu's Bliss said...

Wonderful award!! I will visit them. Thank you

Carly said...

Kalei, Wow thank you! I came in here to say thank you for your comment and to find this has just made my day!

Thank you for your comment on the blog...... I know that it helps to sometimes put yourself first and this week I will :)

Bless you xxxxx

Martha said...

Hello Again, I tagged you for a Meme, details on my blog if you would like to play along. Thanks so much, M

SITS Girls said...

You are so sweet to mention us!!! It's our pleasure watching everyone support one another!