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Donate Blood
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Word of the Year.....2009

My word of the year in the spirit of Tip Junkie and all of her fabulous guest posters!

Why this word means so much to me:

I started blogging last year when "inspired" by my sis "The Rambler"
I saw a perfect moment posted on Martha's blog, which helped me to recognize my own moment.
I read a featured blogger from SITS : Thorn among Roses which "inspired" me to host a charity event
The Charity Event "inspired" me to give
Giving Inspired me to "inspire" others to do the same!

All of the people I read everyday Inspire me and impress me, but recognizing those great moments and allowing yourself to become a better person is the true reward.



Martha said...

Thank you for this inspiring post. You inspire me to practice the art of Ohana which you do on your wonderful blog. Mahalo and yes, I always take off my shoes when I come over!

Penz said...

you said it love. thanks for lettin gus in your world. :) have a great day.

The Blonde Duck said...

What an inspiring post! I love how we all inspire each other.

MarciaBrady said...

AMEN!!! You've inspired me!!