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Monday, January 5, 2009

Dawn of New Days....

I am pondering my thoughts.....(of my fathers death anniversary)

My thoughts on death and life
I understand life, well mostly, I know I am alive at least...
I ignore death, but it is loud and cacophonous a nail on the chalkboard....
Every year on this day I am reminded of death
It is the one friend I did not want
the friend that calls me every year
very prompt, and extremely polite
to say hello and goodbye
..."till next year"...

It is the day that reminds me about how fragile life is
It is the day that reminds me about death
It is the day that reminds me that we all have two things in common
...we live, then we die...

I did not set that reminder on my clock
I did not want the alarm to go off on this day
I dread the day it comes again

"Till next year"
What I dread more is the day it does not say
"till next year"


Wow, How depressing! I will post this, and then I will put a cheery picture of the kids to distract you from the doom of it all.....


Martha said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Your father died so young and was denied so much. You are in my thoughts today as you miss you father.

Penz said...

Death is very hard for most people and your are fine to feel the way you do. Loosing a loved one is often one of the hardest things to deal with in life...I have been in a place in my own life where within minutes I would find 'residents' dead in their rooms and I was in there an hour earlier or so. I have seen the process first hand in the work that I did at an alzheimers home and so to me, I don't really fear it. I can offer you the knowledge that what you are going through is healthy. That when you write about it you are showing your father love and you are grieving his lose still. Reading what I have about your father that you guys have posted about him, I know you were all very close...keep those memories positive and you will be okay love..take care.

The Rambler said...

Aww sis.


I love you.

Rhaingel said...

Aww. That was a short post but I appreciated the depth. Death is such a powerful and painful thing. I am still young and I don't know why i am also reflecting on those things. anyway, i hope that you'll find healing.