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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Letters to Me......

I thought I would share a few very important things that I was gifted along my life. It is a few notes and letters from two very important men in my life. My Chas, and My TUTU. They are more valuable to me than anything. By the way it may not be Perfect, but each time I read these I am in my own perfect moment. I suggest you look through your old treasures, and post those things that mean the most to you. I will be posting a "my five favorite things in the world" post and I expect you all to be prepared to share the same....=) just for fun.


Chas did this for me on my first Mothers day. It made me cry.

This is the love letter chas wrote me before returning from his travels to Germany. We had split for a short time and upon his return he apologized for leaving. The letter was written on the other side of this beautiful drawing.

I didn't want to post it, but here it is. "The Letter":

We are together 11 years this year!

This is the picture Chas drew for me on the envelope of my birthday card. Inside was a beautiful love letter...Maybe I will share that with you another time.... =)

Sometimes Chas leaves me notes....."awwwww" makes me feel special. He truly is pretty sweet. I have to appreciate him more.


This is a letter from my grandfather. We called him "TUTU" in my family. My grandfather and I would talk about very real things even when I was young. In that, I believe he gave me very "real" advice. I kept many of the notes he wrote me that had those pieces of advice.

To this day I try to look "straight ahead". It is this advice that gives me much strength in my decisions. I miss my grandfather a lot. He meant the world to me.


The Rambler said...

I really regret not spending enough 'real' time with Tutu.

The one night I bonded with him beyond the grandchild/grandfather thing was when we both discovered The Sound of Music was our favorite movie. It's small, but it's what I share with him that we have together.

What great letters left by C. I just got a whole new perspective about him.

And Tutu...they small notes just make me tear and how I miss him so as well.

Love you sis! Like Tutu wrote. May you always look straight forward.

Martha said...

What beautiful and loving letters from Chas and Tutu. Thank you for sharing, I'm honored to see how much you are loved and love in return.

Lady with a View said...

What a glimpse this is into your life. You are truly blessed...and what great, great advice.

The Blonde Duck said...

Aren't letters wonderful?

Lori said...

I loved this tour of your cherished memories. You are surrounded by very loving people -- lucky girl.

Thanks for sharing such a sweet set of perfect moments.