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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I am inclined to say something....

I am inclined to say something, that may make some of you disagree with me....even be mad at me.....or dare I say HATE ME! I am aware that there are those out there that have been personally affected in the first and second degree by 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan, but before I say anything controversial wanted to address that I am so proud of our men and women that fight for our country and of all the sacrifices of the families, friends and even those caught in the crossfire.
Here it is....
It is hard for me to say out loud the words, "I am proud to be an american"....even though I am really proud to be an American. I am glad my children were born in this great country, although they have lived only with this war going on longer than they have been alive.

I am saddened by the misdirection of hate, the strong belief that the 5 "known" attackers on the twin towers, the pentagon and the flights that carried out the master plan somehow represent the entire nation of the religion they have faith in.

I KNOW that every religion has it's extremist followers that will do ANYTHING to prove their faith, that when they are guided to believe an evil deed will deliver them grand rewards.......does not mean that all followers are of that same guidance.

The hatred directed at the Muslim Religion and it's Mosques, puts us on the path of those same extremists that carried out the terrible plan in 2001.

I wish that on this day we remember that all those beautiful people who have given themselves on a day they did not expect will represent not the war that followed their end, but that they represent the begining of the time of peace between many people of all sorts. That we remember that this country has come to be as great as it is through tolerance, INclusion, acceptance and faith of all sorts.

I hope I do not offend any of you with my words. I just wanted to get this off my chest.


By the way, I am adding a link to my new blog which is children's book readings. I needed to test the link so I am doing it here.

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Evelyn said...

I think that you are basically right in what you have asserted. We are guaranteed religious freedom in this country according to the Bill of Rights and our constitution. We have laws in place governing all crimes- whether they are hatred based or not so we shouldn't have to fear. I believe the addition of a mosque at Ground Zero may be with the best of intentions for those concerned but it is a little unfeeling on the part of those who want it not to understand that there will be very strong, emotional feelings tied in with that. People lost their loved ones and are still grieving. I believe this world would be better off if we all would think about others before we think of ourselves, anyway. There is more I could say esp. about something very profound I experienced today. I'll make that my next entry. BTW I loved your entry where you were reading to your child. Just precious and I loved the story.
; ) The Castle Lady