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Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day at School

Today was Kai's very first day of school(Preschool), actually she is still there as I write this. As they say, it is much more difficult for the parents than it is for the child.
The walk to school was great as Kai got to meet the Lovely Ms. F who is her crossing guard from E street and A Ave. Next we walked into the doorway of the school and she got to say hello to all the other children as well as have some picture time with mama, papa, and little Vi. When Kai saw her Assistant Teacher, Ms. B she was excited and said "I get to eat here!".....yes, she is my child. (We told her how the school would feed her breakfast and Lunch.) Off to class at 8:15 and we got to see her Locker with her name on it (It is a big locker for such small children, I have no idea what we will put in it.) Entering the classroom we put her pillow and blanket into her cubby for the resting time they will have daily. Next Kai went over to the carpet to meet her teacher, Mrs. W who sent kai to get a book and wait for circle time. This is when Kai let Mrs. W know about the rules and how she remembered them. "1. Crisscross Applesauce 2. Hands on Knees 3. Eyes on Teacher." I had to hold back the tears as I slowly backed out of the class.

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