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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unfinished Project #1 Monkey, Tulips, and a Tree Branch

Monkey's and Tulips. I have been working on this project for at least a year. Most of that time was not devoted to the project but to the procrastination in me. I find that I have been much more motivated since I left my job. Yes, I left. No, they didn't fire me, or lay me off. That's all I will say. Either way, I have had a lot of opportunities to make the right decisions and finish some things I have been meaning to complete, but "did not have the time to do it". What I have learned from all this time is that, I had the time to do it all along, I just did not have the motivation. Procrastination keeps me from completing the really important things and now I have no excuse (except money.....haha, don't we all).

So now. With help from the Motivation Station as one of my inspirations. I am cleaning up my life, my house and my unfinished projects. I think I will have to note the unfinished projects in my life, share them with you, and learn along the way. Maybe on Tuesdays.......Cause today is Tuesday and I am posting today. =)....."probably once a week on a non specific day".....(says the procrastinator in me).

Unfinished project #1. The Tapestry of Monkey over Tulips.
To Heather and Sophie with Love!

The Tulips and the Tree:

I used Blanket stitching through out the piece and am considering going over it all again with a machine stitch to give it strength. Tell me what you think. I didn't use a pattern, just my imagination and some scissors. I had a lot of scrap material and decided to use it this way. I started with the tulips and then I wanted to add more. I had no idea what I would do with it or what I would add to it. After makin the tulips, I wanted more. I added the tree branch the circles for the leaves and than found a large empty space between the two. If I dedicated time, this probably would have only taken about 20 total hours.

The Monkey:

I made a pattern that started from this picture of the monkey I drew. I did this by selecting a proportionate size to the amount of space left in my tapestry. I drew this image larger on a piece of thick brown paper I had in the house and made sure to make each part of the monkey very simple. Cut out each piece of the monkey in parts (tail, arms, hands, legs, feet, bottom half of head, top half of head, ears, body making sur to lable the top side and also noting ends like right arm, top side, this side attached to hand, or this side attached to body.) Than I pinned the paper parts to the tapestry to make sure it looked right. Once that was done, I pinned the parts to the fabrics that were going to be used for the final piece. Once all were cut, pin the cloth parts back onto the Tapestry and place all the paper pattern parts in a plastic ziploc, in case I wanna do this again.....But lets finish one project at a time, right Martha? =)


The Rambler said...

Wow SIS!!!

So I got the mouth to lip off and you got all the creative art stuff.



Kalei said...

Thanks sis.

I have another one I am still working on. for lil rambler.

Martha said...

I love your creativity! Thank you so much for the Motivation Station shout out and your inspiring words and insight about procrastination!
Thank you for all your comments, Wow! I am so glad you listen and trust your instincts.

The Blonde Duck said...

That is so cute! I like it a lot! I am terrible at sewing!

prashant said...

Wow! I am so glad you listen and trust your instincts.
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Janna Bee said...

This is adorable! I love, love, love the monkey!