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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Made Note Cards, perfect for the holidays!

A project you and your kids can do!

Take the beautiful finger paintings from your kids and copy them and cut them to fit a note card. Here is my tutorial on a Tuesday tip jar that you can follow to make your own.
The tutorial is from Feb. for my daughters bday cards.

1.Pack of Blank Cards w/envelopes (50 pack for 5.00)

2.Wallet size prints from Costco: 13 cents each(4 on each page) (for 50qty)=$1.25
(added note about costco: you can upload your pics online to the warehouse and pic it up in the hour.....time saver!!!!I do this before every Costco trip.)and of course you can get this done at any photo print place like W-Mart, but I like Costco better, better service, cheaper, and better quality prints. can take those fingerpaintings and have them copied in color at your local printer for 29 cents a page cut those into smaller unique croppings.

3. Glue stick (50 cents for 1 stick) this is a regular craft glue stick the one I got said
"Really Sticky Glue Stick" and is Non-toxic

4. Scissors or Paper cutter(you should already have this) to cut the wallet pics for the front of each card=free or cost of scissors....but you really should have this in your home anyway. =)

Total time to cut, and stick the pictures to the cards: 30 minutes
(because I have a slide cutter, add probably another 30 minutes for scissors)

Total cost for 50 personal cards: $6.75!!!!!
I also spent an additional 2.95 on getting personal stickers with Violets picture on it to seal the envelope(I hate licking the backs....due to an episode of Seinfeld....).
The stickers are super cute and make a nice touch.

*There is additional time in making your special messages for the inside of the card:
* You can print on special paper, cut and paste to inside of card
*Write your own special messages on the inside(this is what I did)
*You can also glue little bows and confetti pieces if you want......(to be honest: its cute, but people who aren't prepared for it when they open the card, hate the clean up if you don't glue it down....I hate glitter myself, so I won't do that either.)

I went to a craft store called Pat Catans in Pittsburgh, but you can find these items in most craft stores. I also used these same blank cards to make my daughters Gifts from the Charity Blog for Cancer back in December using color printed copies of her artwork.

*I found that after I did this with the wallet print pictures that people peeled them from the cards and put them on their fridge, so it made some use after the event.

Ta Da!!!!! My first Tip...of my own
You may have a better faster cheaper Tip on Creating your own cards...share it in a tip jar and don't forget to let me know about it.

Thanks, and Your Welcome!

P.S. It really is pretty fast and cheap
I keep a bunch of the blank cards w/envelopes on hand all the time so when an unexpected or expected occassion comes up I can whip up a card without carting the kids off to the store to buy one!

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