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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I finally have something to contribute to Wordless Wednesday!

Yes, that is MY hand! =)


Janna Bee said...

I think this deserves a worthy (albeit dated)catchphrase:

You go girl!

blueviolet said...

You changed it yourself! You have skillz!!!

Martha said...

You go Girlfriend!!!

Kalei said...

It feels good to be free of "the man"! You should have seen the other guys at the auto parts shop when they saw me with an old rotor in one hand, Brake pads in the other and dirt on my face and hands.....pure pleasure and confusion. Now all I need is to replace my Calipers! =) yikes!

Kalei said...

and a set of tires, a replacement mirror from when chas ruined it....a good bit of get the drift.

BTW, I also changed the Oil which you all can do really easy! Not difficult at all, worth the $50(minus cost of supplies) in savings from the "oil change place"

Oil Filter: $4, 5qts oil: $12...tada!

Brake Pads (free! cause they were under two year warranty through Bendix) However the Bendix were $39 2 yrs ago and the replacement Wagners were $62(free).

Rotor: $48 (11.67 diameter)

Brake Parts cleaner: $?? my neighbor had some.

Total: Priceless!

Evelyn said...

I love this entry. It says it all. I do something like this on my French blog. Those are labeled: Sans mots

Good one.