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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Giuseppe's Homemade Eggplant Parmesan

Decided to make this, and decided to follow this guys tutorial. =) I myself am lucky to have bought "C" a Mandolin for xmas one year....however, I decided to cut it up with a knife. I was always too intimidated by the awesome eggplant, as it doesn't resemble anything we ever made when I was a kid. It was extremely easy, and it was totally Yum. I would like you to enjoy the fantastic editing and music used in this video. =) No matter what the food it delicious!

Next I need to work on my cooking of the Butternut Squash. I hear you need to skin it, cube it and roast it. What is your suggestions for this dynamic gourd. I am used to seeing gourds dried out and made into some sort of musical instrument, like the "ipu":

Maybe you have a really great recipe also, let me know what it is.

I would show you the yummy result of my eggplant cooking, but we ate the evidence with friends before I remembered to document it. =) Haha, it really was yummy.

How do you like the new header? =)


OKMom said...

Hi there! I'm still debating what to do with the Butternut squash as well, I suppose an internet search of recipes is in order. Or I'll just do as always, cinnamon and sugar plus a few pecans. I'm dreadfully in need of inspiration there, though. Especially if I freeze it. I just couldn't resist getting a few, with those .69 lb deals.

You take care now!


Janna Bee said...

Love the new header- very pretty!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the new header!

blueviolet said...

The header is pretty! I've never even tried eggplant. I should!